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The Future Of Point Of Sales: Althea POS The Web-Based System Of 2019


No one ever told you just how tough it is for companies to look after their specialized business operations. Managers are required to keep an eye in every direction to ensure seamless workflows. In today’s fast-paced digital world, companies need to harness the power of technology and rely on automated CRM or inventory management to enhance efficiency and boost output levels.


We know that sales are the backbone of any business. In such cases, getting a functional POS system can prove to be a great corporate asset to any sized organization. While POS software may sound terribly complicated to you, in reality, it is just the opposite. Most point-of-sale tools are user-friendly, approachable, and advanced. They have simple hardware and software requirements; thus, lead to quick installation and maintenance.


Well-developed point-of-sale systems can have innumerable benefits for organizations. If you check out the market, you will come across tons of options as many different service vendors are offering point-of-sale platforms. 


However, if you are hunting for the most cost-effective, reliable, and innovative point-of-sale platform, end your search at Althea POS. It is a newly launched application that has impressive features and follows a holistic approach to integrated marketing, inventory, and CRM management.


Althea POS – What’s it All About?


Well, it is a dynamic and completely automated point-of-sale solution that can help all kinds of organizations. With an unparalleled list of features, a simple interface, and automated functions, Althea POS can boost overall productivity parameters exponentially.


A significant aspect of Althea POS is that it is entirely customizable; hence, you can update the point-of-sale interface to suit their business model. It is an intelligent tool that can analyze complex data and generate sophisticated reports in a matter of minutes. By investing in Althea POS, you can be assured that all your essential business functions will be handled effectively. Inventory management, accounting, CRM, payments, and employee management are some of its essential features.

Althea POS personalizes data fields to fit into your business structure; thus, enhancing operational efficiency. It promotes smooth task flow management and automates mundane tasks so that staff members can focus on strategic planning.


Whether you are a small start-up that has just commenced business operations, or you work at a multinational corporation, Althea POS insures a unique offering. It is a comprehensive business management solution that leads to functional excellence through a novel range of features.


What Differentiates Althea POS and Makes It Stand Apart?


If you have researched the market a bit, you will probably know that there are tons of point-of-sale platforms. Each one has different specifications and offers a mixed bag of features. In such a scenario, why should you gravitate towards Althea POS? What makes it stand apart from the other automated business management tools available?


For starters, Althea POS has a broader range of features than any product in the market currently. It is an all-in-one solution and can manage all complex business functions efficiently. Here are some of its exciting features that will inevitably accrue instantaneous advantages for any business organization:


  • Point-Of-Sale Functions: Althea POS is feature-rich point-of-sale software that can be configured to specific user requirements. It is highly intuitive and improves the pace of the daily workflow. A complete and inclusive system, Althea POS has the advanced capability of multiple tools and provides a sophisticated suite of features at an affordable price.


Most point-of-sale solutions have a high learning curve, and users take quite some time to get used to their complex functions. Althea POS is exceptionally user-friendly and moves on to advanced features only once users have mastered the initial stage. It is highly navigable and has an excellent range of features that include billing of materials, inventory management, CRM, employee management, and restaurant management.


Althea POS excels in its reporting capabilities and provides a steady flow of real-time information that helps in better decision making. It is highly cost-effective software and provides features that an organization could need. Instead of using 3-4 different products, you can achieve the same functionality by investing in Althea POS – it’s a proven and credible platform that will simplify all critical business functions.


  • Inventory Management: Althea POS has a well-developed stock management module that facilitates companies to manage large volumes of inventory with ease. It not only keeps track and automatically corrects stock levels, but also maintains the real-time physical location of your goods for faster movement. Here are some core functions of the inventory management module:


  • Stock Audits: Althea POS conducts regular and scheduled stock audits to find discrepancies in actual and expected stock levels. It quickly identifies any mismatches in the system and even manages dump stock effectively for expired items. All the stock corrected activity is documented systematically. Althea POS is a smart tool that can protect organizations from potential malpractices by conducting regular stock validation and restricting user access to data by providing unique login IDs.


  • Stock Management through Multiple Warehouses: Althea POS ensures the smooth movement of stock from one warehouse to another by monitoring in-transit movement. It provides an accurate audit trail; thus, handling the transfer of stock between large physical distances with ease. You can also track damaged or lost goods during transit, and generate stock requisitions between warehouses.


  • Label Management: Althea POS has a streamlined label management module that allows you to create unique label numbers and assign them to inventory items to keep track of changing stock levels. This helps managers to track missing items by checking their serial numbers. Althea POS facilitates you to define the customized labels, apart from using the existing ones generated by the vendor. Users can print their distinct personalized barcodes on sticker rolls or billing sheets. It serves as an agile retail billing solution that can quickly scan labels and aid salespersons perform their duties better.



  • Reorder Management: Althea POS is an automated system that notifies you when your stocks reach a dangerously low level. This helps businesses maintain a specific stock level, reorder items in time, and never lose a sale due to inadequate stock handling procedures.


  • Customer Relationship Management: Althea POS has a smart customer relationship management module that helps to capture customer attention even after they physically leave your store. It makes sure that your staff members can form a long term relationship with clients, and that results in higher retention. Here are some significant components of Althea POS’ well-designed CRM module:


  • Create Promotions: Althea POS enables managers to focus on developing in-depth marketing promotions. It increases the quality of content and ensures that the right customers are targeted. This can lead to higher sales, more frequent purchases, and ultimately, better client engagement.


  • Loyalty Programs: Althea POS can help your organization develop great loyalty programs that reward your valued customers. It opens multiple channels of communication and encourages customers to make more frequent purchases so that they can utilize points from their loyalty card.


  • Gift Cards: With Althea POS, it is super simple for retailers to sell, track, and manage their gift cards. You can issue gift cards of predefined monetary amounts to customers that can be seamlessly redeemed against future purchases. It streamlines the process of issuing gift cards by automatically generating an invoice and dispensing a gift card number. Customers can continue to use the same gift card even once it has been redeemed and make future purchases after re-crediting the same card.


  • Define Custom Groups: Althea POS enables organizations to segregate their target audience based on various parameters. Customers can be categorized into multiple groups, such as students, VIP clients, and wholesalers. This helps in providing different groups with custom pricing and pushes organizations to cater to specific customer requirements better.


  • Proactive Text and Email Marketing: Althea POS is a vital asset for marketers as it opens multiple channels of communication with customers. It helps in planning text and email marketing campaigns that are targeted at increasing an organization’s customer base. It is also possible to schedule customer communication at regular intervals to ensure timely recall and increase engagement levels.


  • Accounting: One of the most beneficial features of Althea POS is its comprehensive accounting module. It enables managers to handle all financial transactions from a single unified interface. Althea POS automatically monitors all sales, purchases, customer transactions, and supplier accounts. It maintains all records and current entries reflect in requisite account books. Here are some of the significant features of Althea POS’ accounting module:


  • Account Books Updating: One useful accounting function of Althea POS is that it maintains up-to-date records in all account books. This makes all financial transactions transparent and enhances accuracy levels. You can maintain ledgers, profit & loss statements, and balance sheets effectively. They can also use drill-down features to view and modify various financial data.


  • Manage Daily Expenses: Althea POS helps businesses keep track of their daily expenses and maintain a record of incoming/outgoing cash flows. It records all-important sales, purchases, inventory, and payroll transactions. This makes sure that managers have complete information about daily financial activity though up-to-date journal entries.


  • Automated Journal Entries: Althea POS ensures that all sales, purchases, customer transactions, and supplier accounts automatically reflect as entries in requisite account books. You can also create date-based transaction reports for more intuitive business insights and better decision-making capabilities.


  • Employee Management: If your organization is looking to create and invest in maintaining a motivated and diverse workforce, Althea POS will surely help in that. It can easily handle all major employee-related functions. Althea POS maintains a detailed record of all vital employee data, such as personal information, salary range, and educational qualifications. Here are the crucial features of the employee management module:


  • Employee Setup: Organizations can easily manage all-important employee details, such as job roles, pay structures, and sales commissions. It ensures that companies maintain a unified employee database, so that information is available for any kind of necessary action.


  • Time Tracking: Maintaining the time records of workers is straightforward as Althea POS has an advanced employee time tracking feature. It can monitor the time-in and time-out of employees. This helps organizations manage daily schedules and ensure that employee work hours are being utilized in a productive manner.


  • Access Rights: Althea POS distributes access rights to company databases and provides users with distinct login IDs. It makes sure that only authorized personnel is allowed to access specific information; thus, maintaining high-security standards. Managers can also restrict access to sensitive data, and change privacy settings so that only required employees can view such valuable information.


  • Leave Management: Organizations can easily manage leave through Althea POS’ leave management feature. It draws out detailed leave plans for employees depending on their joining date and total working days. This makes sure that there is never a shortage of staff members and keeps employee morale high as they are given adequate yearly leave.


  • Payment Integration: Althea POS has an advanced payment integration system that accepts multiple payment types from various payment gateways. Payments can be made through cash, credit cards, checks, debit cards, prepaid gift cards, and bank transfers. Althea POS also accepts multiple payment types on the same bill and enables users to split bills by party or equally. This makes the entire process of payment integration quick, convenient, and painless. Some of the payment gateway service providers that Althea POS integrates with are PayPal, Square, and CardConnect.


  • Advanced Reports:

Armed with a vast spread of tech-savvy reporting tools, Althea POS ensures that businesses can track their financial health and long-term performance parameters. You can choose from over 500+ pre-created template designs to generate intelligent reports that give a complete business overview. Each template is thoroughly tested; thus, making sure that it suits specific industrial requirements. You can visually present data through several 2D and 3D charts, tables, and graphs. Reports can be saved locally as a PDF or Excel file which can be accessed at any time for in-depth analysis.

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