Althea POS with Square payments

As a retailer, your inventory is one of your biggest investments. Although stock management can be tricky, Althea POS software allows for efficient management and creative solutions for age-old stocking problems. To maximize the ROI of your investment, retail businesses need proper inventory management. Don't quickly lose control of the stock because that leads to losing out on both customers and profits.

Better business management with Althea POS using Square payment gateway

Althea POS is a modern business management solution which solves all your requirements. While most business solutions today provide generic common features but fall short at providing complex and business specific features, Althea POS goes to next level and in addition to common  features it provides many advanced features which would full fill your specific business needs.

On top of payment processing, retailers can easily manage their sales, purchase, GRN, multiple currency billing, large inventory, multiple warehouse, reorder levels, customer loyalty, book keeping and much more. Althea POS is also integrated with Quick books.

Althea POS covers a large number of business types from various retail type business to manufacturing , service oriented business, restaurants, customized goods, catering, tailoring, construction, business that provide warranty, subscriptions and many more.

Inspite of having a large number of feature offering we have designed Althea pos to be very easy to use and very flexible to fit for your business. Alteha pos has built in module for Rich business intelligence and very strong report generation module.

Our primary focus is providing business data management and solution to complex problems.

Althea and Square Payments

Althea POS is an easy and faster way to accept payments with Square. Althea POS is the best solution for retailers looking for  advanced and powerful features to manage business. For payment gateway, we give you the choice and flexibility of using your existing square up payment gateway account and square up hardware. Moreover, we are also open to integrate payment gateway of your choice for your business. 

We have kept payment processing very flexible for the convenience of our customers, today you can use square up gateway along with square up hardware and credit card reader to process card payments.  Althea’s Point of sale module that will revive and process payments can be run on your android and iOS devices. Most of the other functionality you will access at your Althea pos account.

You can track your Card transactions accepted against the sales, collect commission for card transaction from your customers and view the commission collected in Althea POS.

Quick, Easy Setup

Setup the square payments with Althea POS in minutes. Get your Althea billing app on your Android / iOS device, sign up with square payments, and register your Android / iOS device and start accepting the payments.

Get started in 3 easy steps:

Sign up with Althea POS

Start your free 14 days trial and complete the setup.

Download the Althea POS companion billing app.

Download and Register the Android / iOS app on your device.

Connect Square with Althea app

Register your current Square account with Althea or create a new square account. Create your invoices and start accepting the payments.


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