Custom ERP Solutions for RetaiL

Read how Althea Suite offers a custom ERP Solution for your business.

Althea Suite Offers Custom ERP Solutions for Retail 

Digital integration has made businesses run more effectively, but it also created the need for businesses to manage a host of business software. While, in one way, these different software solutions are solving a problem, the management of all this software can easily reclaim the time supposedly saved by the software.

Fortunately, there are Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) services. ERP is a business solution that integrates the management of common business processes, to ensure the maximization of data collection, representation and results. 

Althea Suite is one of the best ERP service providers, offering a comprehensive, custom suite of software management to fit their clients’ specific needs. Whether you are a smaller business in the Bellevue, Washington area, looking to expand or a large corporation, looking to manage your range of software, Althea can accommodate your needs. 

What is Althea Suite?

Althea is an experienced, dynamic, team of more than 20 skilled developers, who are ready and able to build your custom solution quickly and efficiently.

One of the prime reasons for Athea’s success is that the company integrates a state-of-the-art, cloud-based HDPOS billing with customization that is created for your individual business.

Instead of building a one-size-fits-all ERP and making clients pay an exorbitant amount for solutions and integrations they don’t need, Althea’s developers work with you. This way, you get exactly what you need at a price you can afford.

What ERP Features are Available with Althea Suite?


Althea might be more of an a la carte ERP service provider and integrator but that does not mean that their menu is limited. Althea features a feast of digital delights that are sure to provide the exact solution that you need. 


Here are the different features available from Althea:


Take the hassle out of purchasing by using Althea to help automate:

  • Purchase orders
  • Supplier credit notes 
  • Reorder indicators
  • Printing checks
  • Payment dues
  • Supplier payments
  • Sales vs Purchase analysis

Quick Book Integration

Althea knows how tricky your payment systems can be. That is why the company offers seamless integration with your business’ existing QuickBooks online payment solution. This integration will allow your business to accept payments in cash, card, bank payments, and gift cards. Plus, the integration will extend to your leading merchant accounts, all with little to no downtime. 

Business Intelligence

Knowing your business as well as the current health of your business is essential for getting the most out of everything you do. That is why Athea offers business intelligence integration, which analyses sales trends, picks out the best performing items, and maintains an accurate inventory, with consistent and detailed reporting options.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

CRM systems are vital for maintaining a close, personalized relationship with your customers. Athea’s CRM helps your business manage customers, track loyalty points, offer gift cards and set up preferred customer groups. All this is helpful information when curating your SMS and email marketing campaigns.

Book Keeping

Book Keeping is often the hardest (and arguably the most important) part of owning a business. Sometimes, it can feel completely overwhelming. After all, the more business you have on a daily basis, the more Book Keeping you need to keep up with. Therefore, Athea has developed a system for helping automate these otherwise repetitive, daunting, and time-consuming tasks:

  • Daily collection
  • Auto transactions
  • Data entry corrections
  • Customer aging
  • Credit limits
  • Tax management

Manage Sales

Sales management is another portion of a business that often falls under the umbrella of redundancy and time-consumption projects. However, it is also a pertinent part of keeping the business healthy, organized and profitable. Fortunately, Althea has found a way to integrate sales management software, so that you can keep track of sales and returns, multiple price lists, customer groups, and loyalty programs with ease. By implementing this integration, you will always have real-time access to this important information, without the constant upkeep that comes with it. 


Althea developers can wrangle your wild inventory with the company’s extensive inventory management system. This integration provides your items with serial numbers, batch numbers, expiration dates, a Bill of Materials, stock transfers,

stock in transit reminders, and stock audits.

Therefore, you can spend your time on the inter workings of your business, while Althea takes care of the monotonous, yet vital job of keeping your inventory under control.

What sets Althea Suite Apart from other ERP Service Providers? 

Althea’s skilled developers are enthusiastic and excited about what they do. The offerings that Althea provides are top-notch and affordable. However, this is what truly sets Althea apart from competing ERP service providers:

  1. Not only are Althea’s solutions affordable, but they are also scaled to fit your business’ needs. With Althea, you will never pay for a service that was not specifically selected (and often hand-coded) to fit your needs.
  2. The time for development, even with the customized solutions, is much faster than rival ERP service providers, especially if you live in the Bellevue, Washington area. 
  3. There is a Free Trial available! When you first sign up with Althea, they offer a 14-day free trial of any of their plans. This way, you can test-drive this mega ERP business solution management machine before you commit to any long-term agreement.  

What does Althea Suite have in store for the Future?

Althea is always looking forward, toward the future and is continuing to update and add to the experience that they already provide. After all, technology, especially in the ERP industry is always advancing, so Althea wants to keep their products fresh and it’s software integration features relevant. Here are a few of the different features that Althea either plans to add or expand on by the end of 2020:

  • Items
  • Sales Invoice 
  • Payment Modes
  • Customer       
  • GRN/Purchase
  • Bill of Materials (BOM)
  • Purchase Orders    
  • Reorder Management
  • Stock Management    
  • Supplier           
  • Sales Return – Payment Mode
  • Receive Payment   
  • Restaurant Solutions Integration

To close, Althea’s library of integrated, management solutions makes the best ERP service provider, throughout Bellevue, Washington and beyond. If you are ready to take your business or corporation to the next level, contact Althea today.

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