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Why is an E-Commerce platform essential

Every business needs to have an Online Footprint to consolidate their presence in the market. The present generation being so tech savvy are always looking for ways to minimal istically interact with a store to process their Order. Hence every business needs to display their presence online through E-commerce platforms and explore more avenues to grow. 


Key Benefits

Easy to Get Started

Generally while setting up a Website/App we are required to consult technical consultants to get the desired output which becomes an immense task in itself for people with no technical knowledge. Our Ecommerce platform is so easy to set up that it can be done within a day through basic guidance of our team. Owners can now explore these options stress free.

Real-Time Order Synchronization

With our tool you will never miss any order coming online and neither their deliveries. We offer real-time order synchronization which means that as soon as any customer places an order Online, the same will be reflected in your POS System. This is highly essential to maintain a free flowing structure of the Store.
Also the system prompts the owner/manager with an Email/SMS as soon as some customer places an order. This can then be cross referenced with the POS System.

No-Contact Order Management 

Due to extremely high concerns of the customers struggling to prevent themselves from COVID-19 virus, our e-commerce solution can help you keep your business afloat while keeping the customers at a safe distance.
Customers can now cross check their received Sales Invoice with the Order Number to verify their order at the Pickup Counter and take their order home without facing fears of getting infected. Businesses can hence illustrate this model to customers to reassure them the measures taken by your team to stop further spread of COVID-19 which will in turn boost your sales.

The Infographic below shows a detailed process flow:

Althea Online Order


Custom Payment Gateway Integration

Along with the website we also offer custom Payment Gateway Integration. Different modes of payments under a respective payment gateway help the customers feel at ease while ordering items from the store. Lot of these time owners feel very comfortable with certain Payment Integrators and hence we have already tied up with popular Payment Gateways like PayPal, Square, Card Connect etc and look forward to offering customer specific solutions.


In-Depth Inventory Control

Stock Management has never been so intuitive and easy to manage. You can now manage your Online and Offline stock in a consolidated format with Detailed Stock Reports giving you a bird’s eye view of your stock levels. It’s so easy now to add, edit or remove stock using quickly accessible buttons in the POS. You end up making much more well informed decisions since you now have in-depth inventory control.


Front-End Customizations

Since product sales are highly dependent on a website’s User Interface, hence we focus on offering a custom business specific front-end.  Also within the POS itself the owner can play around with lots of features to find whatever feels better with minimum hassle. These changes done in the POS can then in turn get reflected on the website. These can be things like which Offers to display in what order, category/item indexing etc.


Ease of Access

The website is tried and tested to be compatible with every mobile/desktop/tablet. The user interface is made highly responsive and button sizes and drop down menus etc resize respectively based on the device the website is being run on.
Intuitive features like Guest Logins, Customer shipping / billing information storage for future use are among a few of many useful features.

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