Althea Suite for Restaurants

Read how Althea helps you manage your online ordering and deliveries. Grow your Restaurant by managing your online and in-store menu at single location.

Althea Suite for Restaurants

Althea Suite brings to you a revolutionary platform to manage your Restaurants seamlessly. What we are offering is a one stop solution where you can control your real-time Inventory, sales (Offline and Online), accounting plus many more fundamentally essential modules. We also give customers the ability to use Althea Suite on different platforms whether it be Online browsers, Mobile Apps or Windows based clients. 

What does it Entail

In-Depth Inventory Control

Managing inventory is one of the most important aspects of Restaurant Management. Althea Suite team focused a lot of efforts in actually tackling real-life problems that Restaurant personnel face in general situations. All of these features have also been covered in reporting aspects so that the customer gets a comprehensive understanding of their business.

BOM (Bill Of Materials)

Now owners can efficiently track what ingredients/stock items are required to prepare a particular recipe/menu item. This feature automatically reduces the respective pre-scheduled ingredients which make a menu item and at the end of the day the managers can get a consolidated list of stock items used with respect to the number of Menu items sold.

Indenting Management

Althea Suite also can also help the Stock Team to control the flow of items and the Items requested for indentation. Several restaurants have a business structure where they have a parent warehouse and then another separate location which manages the Sales/Distribution of prepared items. Althea Suite has several in-built options to tackle this workflow where the Sales outlet can request items from the parent warehouse and at the end of the day the location can also create an Indent to processed for several days ahead, 

Essential Mobile Applications

Business owners are always on a lookout for a solution that is not only going to be helpful in their daily operations but also is multifaceted, giving owners the ease to access the necessary information on Mobile Phones/Tablets. Althea Suite hence has introduced two Mobile Apps for convenience of the personnel involved. 

Althea Suite Billing App


This application can be used on Mobile Phones/Tablets with Operating Systems of Android/IOS. It offers a seamlessly fluent experience of the Billing process. You can easily navigate between different categories of Menu Items and add them to the order. Also you can edit or remove an item on the go. 

This App also gives users the ability to process the payment through this App itself where they can choose the payment method and the Sales Receipt is sent to the Customer’s email address or through an SMS. 

The App immediately sends in a KOT to the kitchen stating the item and the quantity of items being ordered with respect to an order. 

KOT App (Kitchen Management Application)

Managing Kitchen Order Token In Smartphone


An essential part of processing orders is the fluency in which the orders go into the Kitchen and distribution of all orders to respectively allocated Tables/customers.

The Application takes in all the KOTs generated through either the Web-based application or the Mobile/Tablet App. These KOTs can now be seen on a Mobile App or a bigger display kept for the Kitchen staff along with their current status of preparation. 

The Kitchen staff can hence mark all orders that are prepared and to be taken to the customers. This overall structure hence helps the staff in a seamless flow and they don’t face any confusion on any missed orders or in terms of customer assignment. 

Integrated E-Commerce Platform


Ecommerce 1

In an age of overgrowing customer requirements, an integrated e-commerce platform is a highly essential aspect of every business which opens up more avenues for the business to grow. Simultaneously having an Online Footprint enables businesses to expand their target audience and they can find new ways to explore successful opportunities online.

Althea Suite has an Integrated E-Commerce platform that helps customers to take orders online and in a way where they can also follow guidelines laid down for social distancing.

Here are some of its Key Benefits:

  • Easy to Get Started
  • SMS/Email order notifications
  • Real-Time Order Synchronization
  • Custom Payment Gateway Integration
  • Online Inventory Control

No-Contact Order Management

As all readers must have realized by now that the above mentioned functionalities all point us towards a contactless order management system. Our unique features like the KOT App, E-commerce platform to sell menu items etc are stepping stones to ensure this process flow.

Customers can now cross check their received Sales Invoice with the Order Number to verify their order at the Pickup Counter and take their order home without facing fears of getting infected. 

Businesses can hence illustrate this model to customers to reassure them the measures taken by your team to stop further spread of COVID-19 which will in turn boost your sales.


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