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Here at Athea Suite, using the right tools we want to give the power back to the customer hands on how they can progress cohesively with their Online and Store Sales.

Althea Online Marketing Guide

More and more businesses these days are realizing the need to have an Online presence in their domain. And since the COVID-19 scene, customers are also switching to Online shopping more and more every passing day.

Realizing the need, Althea Suite team has also taken a pledge to help clients take the maximum benefit out of their Online Businesses in these difficult times. Althea Suite therefore can now also be looked upon as a valuable marketing tool where clients newly being introduced to setting up their shop Online can benefit from these quick and easy tools.

This guide will give you an outline of the tools that Althea Suite Online Shop offers in order for clients to help them market their products better.

Reach customers immediately through Integrated Website Chat

Lot of these times when customers come knocking on your website, they are looking for an immediate and quick clarification of their queries, might be product/price etc related.


  • Althea Suite gives you the ability to integrate the Live Chat widget.   
  • Tell us about your preferred Chat Engine company. We’ve already tied up with popular chat engines like Hubspot, EngageBay etc.
  • These even come with automated Bot message workflows that keeps the customer involved until your team takes over.

Marketing Insights through Google Analytics

If you want to get into the nitty gritty of Online Marketing you will always have Google Analytics as one the most powerful tools in your arsenal. 

  • Integrate your Google Pixel code with Althea Online Shop.
  • Through Google Analytics analyze which sources are your customers coming from.
  • These Lead sources could be Organic google searches, Facebook/Instagram or other social media platforms etc.
  • Once you know which sources you are getting more revenue from, you can accordingly choose to re-direct or bring up Ads/investment/marketing efforts in that direction.

Miss Zero Leads through Lead Conversion Forms

Sometimes when your team isn’t around to talk to clients who have enquired on the website, Lead Conversion Forms can be a great help to take in some predefined set of information from the potential customer for example their contact number and email address.

  • Setup Lead Conversion Forms on Althea Suite Online Shop of your choice. You tell us what layout and parameters you would like to include.
  • Capture crucial information that you would like to ask to your customers as soon as they open your website.
  • You can even have different Information capturing forms on different pages of the website. 

Live WhatsApp Integration

The above mentioned tools are very friendly to interact with customers and not miss any potential leads but several customers might want to directly drop in a message on whatsapp to share some key information.


  • Reduce the convenience barriers for customers to reach you through WhatsApp.
  • An example of such a scenario could be a Garment Shop customer wanting to send a picture of a certain Design that he would like to place an order for. 
  • In this case reaching the shop’s WhatsApp contact would be an immensely convenient way to get the message across. 

Facebook Pixel Code Integration

Facebook is again a great platform to communicate with Sellers and Buyers and especially for smaller businesses it helps you reach customers with similar requirements. You may be hence thinking of investing money in Facebook Ads to drive sales.

  • Integrate Facebook Pixel Code with Althea Suite Online Shop to track the which of your customers are coming from the Facebook platform.
  • This will help you to essentially segregate your Marketing efforts into the direction where you feel more customers are emerging from.
  • You could also opt to have the Facebook Chat integrated if your customers interact with you through Facebook.

Capture Customer Attention through Blog Posts and Articles

Sometimes being more creative with your Website also leads to capturing more customer attention altogether. There are several ways of doing this, having a good website theme and adding informatory Blogs and Articles are always recommended.

  • Restaurant businesses can entice customers by adding blogs of Menu Recipes with eye-capturing images.
  • You could even add Article pages of your most popular items.
  • Business owners/staff who are passionate about their business can also write these blogs and publish on Social media platforms or even get featured by other websites to drive more sales.

Conduct Live Webinars and host these links on the Website  

Many businesses thrive on more and more customer interactions and for some it’s a vital way of reaching new clients. Businesses such as these can now use Althea Online Shop to publicize their activities and generate more leads. 

  • Setup Live Webinars/Youtube Live Sessions pertaining to what you wanna convey to customers.
  • Host these links on the Online Shop and encourage customers to participate/join to drive more interactions.
  • Share these links on other Social media platforms and increase your visibility.

Promote your Brand through Customer Testimonials, Videos and Case Studies

More than 70% of customers before buying a product Online will look for Customer Reviews to verify if they are investing their money on the right product/brand.
To increase your Brand value and show that your products are widely accepted you can emphasize on including more customer testimonials, customer review videos or case studies on your Online Shop.


  • Have a separate section on your Online Shop where customers visiting your website can easily navigate to. 
  • Or even have them added on your Home screen or among dashboard images.
  • You could even talk more on how your business is tackling the COVID-19 situation and the safety measures you’ve adopted.
  • Share clickable links of these customer success stories on your other social media platforms so people can come back to your website if they are interested. 



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