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Read how BeareSweets and Snacks created a unique wholesale experience. AltheaSuite helps them simplify inventory, Order management, Sales processes and barcoding


Bear-e Sweets are a well-recognized face in the sector of wholesale candy business in California. They sell Mexican candies to several large scale supermarkets and retail locations. With several warehouses under their wing, their business is quite widely distributed. However, with the growing business, they were facing difficulties managing their inventory accurately and they had cumbersome manual steps for inventory management, invoicing, and barcode printing.

Initial Challenges they encountered

With such a huge inventory distributed across several warehouses, it was immensely difficult to have control over the stock coming in and going out. They needed software that could help them simplify and refine their existing stock management processes.

Kitting and Bundling of Candies 

Since most of their business revolved around Wholesale candy selling to big supermarkets, they had a different size and quantity definitions of Candy Boxes and Cases being sold to different stores. They wanted these different definitions to be correlated with the stock being purchased.

Unique Sales Invoice and Barcode Printing

For a few of their high-profile clients, they wanted to tweak the Sales Invoice and Barcode Printing formats. This involved a requirement of a system that gave them the ability to print unique sale invoice receipts for different types of orders.

QuickBooks Integration

The employees were quite comfortable using QuickBooks as an accounting backend. Hence they needed a system that could connect with QuickBooks for all front-end operations.

In-Depth Delivery Management

A huge part of the process completion was being left out because of their current system not having the capability to manage the Deliveries of their placed orders. They wanted to control all deliveries once an order was placed in-store or through their website.

The Solution

AltheaSuite helped by streamlining all of their business operations inside a single software itself. It offered a platform that adapted to their custom workflows while keeping things simple.

  • AltheaSuite kitting & bundling management system ensured that they could track the barcodes of the boxes being purchased in bigger size definitions and linked these with the different sizes of boxes/cases that were being sold to their supermarket clients. This way the inventory figures showed the interlinkage between different size definitions coming in and going out of the Warehouse.
  • AltheaSuite team developed custom A4 size Invoice formats for BeareSweets. These also kept into account their respective candy box definitions at the time of invoice generation. This had a barcode printed with each line item of the invoice. These were essential for them since the receiving store would scan the barcode of the items and accept the incoming stock.
  • AltheaSuite also gave them the ability to print invoices in different formats as different customers needed invoices to be printed in different formats.
  • Alteasuite gave them an integrated delivery management system and fulfilled their most important requirement to capture the signature of the person receiving the order along with images of the packets.
  • AltheaSuite gave them a platform that could inform their drivers through push notifications/Email/SMS alerts about the delivery trips being assigned to them. 
  • The salesperson on the fields while taking the order were not aware of the actual stock before the order could be placed. Altheasuite gave the ability to salesperson to check the stock while receiving orders.
  • In the recent past, they had a recall in a Lot number of candy and as their existing system did not keep track of lot number they were forced to recall all candies of that type. With AltheaSuite they are able to track Lot numbers at the time of purchase, sales as well as inventory at hand.
  • AltheaSuite offered an in-built accounting management system that would automatically store Journal Entries from all the front end transactions. However, BeareSweets chose to slowly transition into our accounting system. They would use QuickBooks in the initial phases of implementation and later use our in-built platform. AltheaSuite hence helped to transfer all accounting data starting from POS Sales, Purchasing, Payment information, etc to QuickBooks with just a click of a button.   
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The Success

The BeareSweets team were highly satisfied by the economical solution that was offered to them. They loved how the software was able to adapt to their unique business requirements at every step of the way. Most importantly, they are glad to have the ability to manage everything under the same software platform and not have to waste time integrating with multiple 3rd party software vendors to get a fine-tuned solution.

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