You Have an Online Website- Now What?

If you are planning on taking your Business Online, getting a website is just the beginning. Read how an integrated software solution can help you expand from in-store to online.

Now that you have your website up and running, you are probably wondering what comes next. Trust us when we say that now is not the time to sit back and relax, because your website will keep you quite busy if you plan on building a profitable company. 

First, you will need to get the word out about your website and let people know that your business now has online ordering. You will also need to consider how you will be handling order management and inventory management to ensure your customers receive a fantastic experience while on your site. Here are a few more items that will be demanding your attention when doing business online.

Branding and Marketing Your Online Presence

 Branding your website, add logo, tagline

Developing your brand is vital for building trust and establishing yourself as an authority in your niche. Every aspect of your business needs to look the part if you are going to convince people to spend their hard-earned money on your new site.

Make sure you have a professionally designed logo and a standout business slogan or tagline. You can also give your visitors a reason to trust you by showing a few glowing testimonials on your home page. 

Be sure to build up an active community on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. There are a few others, but don’t spread yourself too thin by using many social media sites at once. You can also improve your site’s rank ability by adding a blog and posting relevant content that is helpful to your customers.


Aligning with Customer Expectation 

The best way to align yourself with your customers’ expectations is to understand your demographic. If you don’t know what your customers need exactly, you can ask them through an online survey or engage with them on your social media channels. 

Collecting customer feedback is an excellent way to dial yourself into their expectations. You can add a short note to every order, politely asking your customers to let you know how you did. Following up on every order is also an often neglected strategy you can use to show your customers that you care. 

Once you have a firm grasp on their needs and wants, all you need to do is make sure you meet or exceed their expectations. Doing this will reward you with loyal customers who will be repeat buyers.


Streamlining Delivery

Manage your Delivery with AltheaSuite

Fulfilling your e-commerce orders is critical to the success of your business. Streamlining your delivery process will help ensure every customer receives their order promptly and in perfect condition.

Automate your online ordering and delivery system as much as possible to eliminate human error. Incorporate end-to-end visibility so you can see what is happening in the supply chain at each stage of delivery. You should also be able to check your stock levels and that of your suppliers if you are using drop shipping in your business strategy. 

Partnering with trusted quality shipping companies will help keep problems with delivery to a minimum. Your customers will also appreciate regular updates about what is happening with their order, so be sure to stay in touch.


Efficient Online Ordering Payment Integration

Integrated Payment gateway with AltheaSuite Ecommerce

You will want to make online ordering as convenient as possible for your customers. Many sales are lost because businesses make their customers jump through hoops to complete the checkout process.

You can integrate a variety of payment options using a payment gateway to give your customers a range of convenient options. The system can be set up to automatically connect with the relevant financial institutions to make money transfer a mostly hands-off affair, while also keeping sensitive information away from prying eyes. 


Order Management

Manage your orders with AltheaSuite

An order management system will assist with tracking sales, orders, and order fulfillment. If you want your order management system to be as convenient as possible, then an all-in-one system is the preferred choice. 

An all-in-one order management system will give you instant access to all of your customer information and interactions, accounting data, inventory location, order fulfillment, and inventory returns. For even more power, use an order management system that incorporates business intelligence to help you improve your market reach and deliver a fantastic customer experience. 


Inventory Management

Manage your Inventory with AltheaSuite

Business is likely to go downhill fast if you don’t have a handle on your inventory management. A good inventory management system should help you keep track of quantities, locations, and pricing. E-commerce means you could be hosting products in your own warehouse or supplied by separate businesses. 

If you have a sizeable warehouse with many different products, how does your team locate an item for shipping? A good inventory management system will add information to each order showing each item’s location to make picking more efficient. Again, automating this process as much as possible will improve the customer experience. You will also significantly reduce your operating costs when you don’t need an army of customer support staff to get every order out the door. 

If you are using drop shipping as part of your inventory management, you must know the suppliers’ stock levels. Plus, an efficient inventory management system will provide you with valuable business intelligence data such as seasonal trends, allowing you to adjust your stock levels according to predicted demand and eliminating dead stock problems. 


Packing and Shipping


For overall delightful customer experience, you will need to create an efficient picking and packing system to prevent mistakes and ensure the products arrive in perfect condition every time. 

As you can see, getting your website up and running will make up a very small part of your e-commerce strategy.  Every step of the process you improve through the integration of order management and inventory management will significantly enhance your customers’ online ordering experience. 

Delivering all of your products on time and ensuring they arrive in good condition will also improve your online branding, trust, and reputation. When you earn your customers’ support, you will be able to increase your market share and improve your profit margins.

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