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Switching to AltheaSuite POS allowed Quality Sleep Mattress stores to move to omnichannel.


Quality Sleep store is a Mattress Selling company that focuses on providing customers the best in-store experience and is helping thousands of customers sleep better. They have outlet stores at 3 locations: Monroe, Bellevue, and Kirkland. They have a huge set of selections available from a wide range of categories, these are all facilitated with commendable servicing.

They use AltheaSuite for their business operations, starting off from purchasing products to moving the products out of the Inventory with POS and they use the business analytics.

Initial Challenges they encountered

There were several problems that their business was facing in terms of correctly keeping a track of the live inventory. Their previous software solution though offered several features,  it wasn’t quite able to mold itself to accommodate their complex requirements. Its inability and the lack of understanding of the Inventory trends made business management complex and time-consuming. 

  • The need for centralized solution:
    Among other challenges, the most fundamental issue was the inability to connect to all locations and the main warehouse from a single application They didn’t have a way to managed operations of all locations concurrently.
  • Order Management
    They wanted the ability to manage their backorders and stock orders. Also there was a need to track purchases made against specific customer orders.
  • Managing drop shipping
    They wanted the ability to directly deliver to the customer’s location when the products are procured from the Vendor.
  • Reorder Management:
    There was a need to set reorder levels for all warehouses individually in order to understand when they need to place purchase orders. Also they wanted an easy way to place these orders and track them so that they do not double order. 
  • Time Card Management and related Reports:
    There was a need to track when employees logged in and out, the number of hours they clocked in was something the management wanted to be able to see in the form of reports.
  • E-Commerce(Magento)
    Their Magento-based website was from where all orders came in. Before AltheaSuite they were creating all these orders manually since there was no integration with their eCommerce website
  • QuickBooks Integration

QuickBooks integration was required to manage Financial Books.

The Solution

The primary focus of AltheaSuite team was helping Quality Sleep Store transition from their old Inventory Management system to AltheaSuite seamlessly. Althea’s team initially devoted a few sessions to understand their primary requirements and laid out a plan on how the implementation has to go about based on the priorities set by their management. Along with fulfilling all requirements we were able to make the staff feel comfortable with the software for daily use.

  • AltheaSuite offered a cloud-based centralized inventory management solution. This completely trimmed down the manual work that had to be done to match records because of the previous software’s inability to provide the same. It ran perfectly well for all screen devices such as Mobile Phones. iPads, Desktops, Mac, etc which helped the staff to access it from anywhere.
  • AltheaSuite made drop-shipping management to the customer’s location/job site very easy through PO creation. They were also able to additionally manage all the Back-Orders while order creation and track its entire lifecycle.
  • Quality Sleep had 3 warehouses in which unique Re-Order rules were set through AltheaSuite. Through an Excel spreadsheet, re-order rules were uploaded easily. Going forward AltheaSuite sent the management prompts via Text and Email as soon as those items reached that minimum level.
  • AltheaSuite team was able to help Quality Sleep Store switch from its previous software practically overnight. Our team strived to meet the timeline by working with their team closely. The Inventory was quickly created by simply importing the Excel template that was filled up with the exported data of the previous software. Based on the staff’s availability, the training sessions were lined up while having enough room for questions and side-by-side testing on a Demo Account setup alongside the live account.
  • AltheaSuite was customized on different stages to fit their business needs. There were several reports such as Stock Value, Stock Transactions In vs Out, Sales Invoice, and PO formats that were customized to their particular needs with Quality Sleep branding.
  • Additionally while moving through the implementation the Dev team also intuitively added features that would facilitate their business workflows to be more efficient.
  • Through Timecard Management they were able to get reports of every employee’s activities while using the software starting off from their logging in and out details/number of hours worked. And through User Roles only authorized employees were granted access to certain parts of the system.
  • By linking their Magento-based website they were able to track all orders coming from the website back to Althea with all the related information such as Stock Count, Customer details, financial data in real-time. With just a click of a button, they could view order-related information and fulfill the order simultaneously while managing Shipping.
  • QuickBooks integration helped in sending Financial data from Althea in real-time to the QuickBooks Desktop version.
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The Success

  • Quality Sleep store team saw through initial demo sessions that AltheaSuite had the capability not just to meet their requirements but also to grow with them as their business grew.
  • Along with the trust that was placed to offer a customized solution, AltheaSuite was able to resolve all pain points that came along the way.
  • Now with all the 3 Stores interconnected on a central database and with the use of well-represented reports they were able to save a lot of time and effort in comparison to before which in return saved a lot of their money. 
  • The staff were particularly excited with the opportunity it gave to access AltheaSuite from anywhere, particularly from their iPhones to quickly perform essential operations. 
  • Going forward they wish to refer more customers to the platform and add more functionalities as their business grows.

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