4 Reasons You Should Keep Your Customers Informed About Their Order

Clients entrust your business with delivering high-quality products and services—but you must build a healthy professional relationship with them too.
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Clients entrust your business with delivering high-quality products and services—but you must build a healthy professional relationship with them too. Leading up to their order fulfillment and completion, you should commit to informing and updating your customers about their orders.


There are many logistical advantages to this, too, including greater accountability and more streamlined order processing. Among the benefits of keeping your customers in the loop, here are a few main advantages of real-time shipping and order updates:


1.     They'll have more realistic expectations

Setting up your customers’ expectations is important for any brand. But remember to never over-promise or make commitments and claims that you’re not sure you can meet. Even if you think you can pull something off, the best strategy to commit to is under-promising and over-delivering.


When your customers have realistic expectations, they’re less likely to be disappointed or agitated because their expectations haven’t been met.

2.  It makes them feel seen and heard

Another major plus is when your customers receive updates and real-time information, they’re less likely to feel ignored or dismissed. Instead, they feel more validated, appreciated, and like they’re receiving more individualized and personalized customer service. Making your customers feel seen and heard is an incredible way to build more meaningful, long-lasting customer-brand relationships.


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3.    The experience feels more personalized

Speaking of a more personalized experience, adding updates, messages, and information about the order’s status can help your customers feel more in control. This is a great way to empower your clients and help them feel like they’re in a position to call the shots and their packages are within their access. It helps make clients feel more connected to your business and builds anticipation for the product they’re receiving.

4.    It helps build brand loyalty in the long-term

Customers are more likely to return to businesses they feel they can rely on and trust. Return customers are basing their decisions on brand loyalty and looking at their previous experience. The more updates and control they receive in their wait time and service delivery, the likelier they will return to your business for future purchases.

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