4 Benefits of Queuing Tasks

As a manager, you're probably used to chasing after employees and striving to get tasks done.

As a manager, you’re probably used to chasing after employees and striving to get tasks done. You’ve probably been trained to delegate and assign tasks to specific employees or have a go-to person to do certain things as and when you need them—but what if we told you that’s not the most effective strategy?


Sure, in terms of efficiency assigning and delegating are effective, and queuing tasks is a tad slower, albeit highly productive in the long run. But when combined with a small business inventory management software,  there are some undeniable managerial, and logistical advantages include:

1. Greater increase in employee productivity

An increase in employee productivity is always a plus for businesses, and tracking ques via software can add to that. You can use software such as ours to increase a sense of ownership and competition and encourage employees to take more initiative. You can track how many customers they see and deal with each day, plus their targets, goals, and give them more concrete deliverables to work with.

2. More feedback from customers and their needs

Another major plus is the ease and ability to communicate with customers and getting feedback when you need it. Our software can compute feedback in real-time and help you connect with customers when they share information. This significantly boosts your business’ performance and ability to make processes and services more efficient.

A small business owner uses our order fulfillment software to queue tasks

3. Your service quality improves significantly

Overall, as a result of feedback and employee focus, your service quality improves significantly. Service delivery is more streamlined and efficient through queued, focused tasks, rather than multiple roles and responsibilities. It works well for both employees and customers, neither of whom are waiting around for the queue to move ahead.

4. Greater employee satisfaction on the whole

You’d be surprised at how much more satisfied your own team is when you change the module from delegation to queuing. They’re less anxious, more focused, and committed to their jobs and tasks. The sense of ownership is unparalleled and incomparable as they feel less pressured to do a certain task, but rather, feel more invested in it and doing well.


Schedule a meeting with us to start your demo of our ecommerce inventory management software, or start your free trial right away. Get more details about its key features and functions, including vendor and purchase management,  barcode stickers, and sales. You’ll be glad you invested in our powerful order fulfillment software to help you make your business more efficient!

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