The Ultimate Guide to Manufacturing Software

Most ERP systems have a set of common features that can be used by most businesses.
a manufacturing industry

Most ERP systems have a set of common features that can be used by most businesses. But process manufacturing ERP software has additional functions specific to the manufacturing industry, such as tools to enhance or support regulations, quality control, business analytics, inventory, and more.

By making use of the industry-specific functionality of manufacturing systems, you can maximize benefits and ensure growth.

Who Can Benefit From Manufacturing Software?

This technology is ideal for businesses that are making products that use raw materials — this means the needs of such a manufacturer are vastly different from those that deal with components that can easily be altered, added, or removed.

ERP manufacturing software is mostly used in industries with high volume batch manufacturing needs like cosmetics, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, construction, assembly, warehouse management, among other industrial businesses.

It can also be used for service industries, including home furnishing, furniture stores, retail stores, electrical stores, and more.


What Industry Challenges Does Manufacturing Software Solve?

In a highly regulated, precise process manufacturing industry, many things can go wrong. This is why organizations turn to ERP software: to limit and manage everyday challenges and issues that
are common.

Some of the issues that good inventory management software can help you solve include:

Batch Consistency

ERP will ensure a high standard of output by controlling production processes, standardizing management, and managing logistics.

Product Recalls

If there’s a quality control mismanagement or issue with any ingredient, ERP can be used to recall products quickly and efficiently. You can also trace the origin of the issue and eliminate the risk
of it occurring again.


Inventory levels, workload, and supply chain management can fall out of sync without accurate and efficient scheduling and forecasting. With manufacturing software, real-time data insights are used to accurately order ingredients or products based on customer demand more effectively.

Regulatory Changes

Industries are constantly evolving, and so are their protocols. With specialized ERP software like AltheaSuite, you can quickly document and roll out new instructions, making tracking and managing regulatory changes easier.

An ideal ERP solution will offer the most comprehensive functionality and offer you inventory and formulation management, lot traceability, regulatory compliance, business analytics, and more. Check out AltheaSuite’s ERP module for more information.

Althea Suite — A Custom ERP Solution for All Industries

AltheaSuite is a complete and exclusive business management software that provides
affordable and scalable solutions to support business growth. They’re the best ERP for inventory management that works on different platforms, including PC, MAC, and smartphones, with their
complete range of features.

Ideal for warehouse management, manufacturing units, assembly construction, and industrial businesses, AltheaSuite is a complete cloud based inventory management system.

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