Automation: How It Has Changed the Face of Inventory Management

Inventory control has developed a lot in the past few decades.
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Inventory control has developed a lot in the past few decades. And although supply chain tools and technology have constantly been changing, the aim of businesses remains the same.

Inventory management aims to supply products to customers promptly, prevent stockouts and other stock issues. Cloud based inventory management system and automation have become essential for businesses, especially in the current competitive market.

As omnichannel retail becomes more and more important, managing inventory has become a problem for businesses, especially if they want to tap into different markets.

With the disruption of supply chains and transportation issues, an automated inventory system is now necessary for businesses to operate.

So, what does automation mean for your business? Here’s what you need to know.

Automated Inventory Management vs Manual

Manual inventory management is an exhaustive and intensive process that requires optimum attention from employees. It’s a time-consuming job that doesn’t do much for a company to gain insight into their inventory because of no real-time reports. Moreover, even the smallest errors could cause a massive negative impact on businesses and could result in loss.

Automation solves all of these issues by making processes simpler and quicker. Because of the lack of human intervention, there is no room for errors as algorithms can make complex calculations and processes expertly. Automation does that with a barcode and SKU serial numbers. Thanks to automation, your business can get significant insight and real-time access to operations and warehouses data with ease.

Without a cohesive stocking strategy, your company is bound to face losses, especially when companies are taking an omnichannel approach in selling products.


Why Is Automation Better?

Inventory management issues require an urgent response and instant action that most businesses might not be able to do. That’s because inventory managers also have other priorities and humans are not as quick to respond as an algorithm.

Automation helps relieve this pressure for businesses because you can run multiple inventory control tracks at the same time. Automation also makes it simpler and swifter to identify issues instantly, assess them, and deal with them immediately instead of becoming worse and being caught late at the next stock rate.

Automation in every step and phase of the supply chain also makes it easier for businesses to make informed decisions regarding the supply chain. This helps them grow their business and improve their brand image.  

Inventory Counts with Real-Time Insights

With automated inventory management systems, you can check your inventory in real-time and get remarkable insight immediately. When it comes to manual inventory management, you may have an estimate of how much stock you have between the counts. However, automated systems let you constantly update while providing an accurate count of your stock. You can also have real-time visibility on all of your stock in all locations and at all times. This way, you know when each item is at the warehouse or is being delivered to a customer.

This has changed the game for inventory management and eradicates any issues that come with overstocking or understocking, like losing brand loyalty with customers. Your inventory system is constantly updated with accurate information. So, you can access data, reports, inventory, accounting, scheduling, promotions, etc., with ease from all locations during any time of the day.

Save Your Time and Money

Automatic inventory management can help you save time and money by not overstocking and understocking or losing potential sales. Manual labor is also costly in warehouse and inventory, especially if your business has a large product catalog and also requires lots of manual labor. It becomes overwhelming to track everything. You can cut down on a lot of costs by reducing inventory-related labor and saving your time all at once.

Automation helps you save time with product ordering, in-depth reporting, and stock checks.

Automation Provides Accuracy

Automation removes any chance of errors in your data because it can process data with complete accuracy, unlike humans who have more room to err. This is because your data and processes will flow through fewer people, there will be less room for clerical inaccuracies and small mistakes. The automation system also imports data from systems that handle inventory and keep everything up-to-date for you. This will make sure your processes run smoothly, and maximizes productivity.

Improves Efficiency

With accuracy comes efficiency. Because automation keeps your stock and reports up to date and you are constantly aware of stock, operations run smoothly and without any hiccups. You don’t need to manually input data, or order placement, or create a report. All of this and other inventory tasks are being taken care of. This makes sure that your stock and your business have what it needs at any given moment, making you a reliable brand for your customers.

Person checking inventory from different locations

It Helps Small Businesses Grow

Automated inventory management systems aren’t just life-savers for big businesses but also small businesses. It helps you by running your business smoothly through stock transfers and reports and managing franchises with ease.

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