Why AltheaSuite is the Best Inventory Management Software in the Industry

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AltheaSuite, a cloud-based ERP software, helps businesses grow by providing inventory, manufacturing, and order management solutions. Manual inventory management leads to human errors, costing a business a significant amount of money and workforce. AltheaSuite eliminates this by going against manual ways and tracking all transactions and real-time inventory tracking.

From alerts for low stock levels to managing complete orders to shipping workflow, AltheaSuite does it all.

What Sets AltheaSuite Apart?

For a successful business, analysis and easy access to data are key. Quality data is accumulated over time, and the challenge is in collecting and processing this data. For many ERP applications, business data collection is a sore point. AltheaSuite addresses the gaps between data and provides a flexible inventory management solution for businesses of all sizes.

With AltheaSuite, you can collect data from all your business activities such as purchases, sales, orders, and generate reports and query data from your phone or any other device of your choice.

The software also has modular features which allow you to manage all your processes using a single application. As your business grows, AltheaSuite adapts and grows with you. We have a module for all your needs, including inventory management, BOM, serial numbers, CRM, reports, lot numbers, and more.


The Solution for All Your Business Needs

AltheaSuite is more than an inventory management system. It provides a one-stop solution for all your business processes. Here is a list of features you’ll find in all our software:

·     Inventory Control

·     Purchase and Vendor Management

·     Sales Process Management

·     Serial Number Management

·     Order and Delivery Management

·     CRM

·     Barcode Management

·     Lot Numbers

·     Knitting

·     Reports and Analysis

·     Employee Management

The Industries We Work For

Our software caters to different industries, providing them with much-needed state-of-art ERP software in a single application. Some of the industries we work in include:

·     Furniture and Home Décor

·     Manufacturing

·     Industrial Machinery

·     Apparel and Textiles

·   Wholesale and Distribution

·    Electronic Appliances

·     Retail Stores

·     E-commerce

AltheaSuite can also be integrated with WooComerce, Shopify, BigCommerce, and QuickBooks for flawless business processes.

AltheaSuite for All Business Needs

Are you looking for inventory management software for the manufacturing industry? AltheaSuite
is an advanced inventory management software ideal for business growth. It’s a cloud-based solution that provides insightful solutions to all your inventory, manufacturing, and order management requirements.

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