What is Warehousing, and Why Is It Important?

Warehousing is essential for the success of any physical product business as it allows you to stock, repack, and use eCommerce shipping solutions.

If you’re a business that exports, imports, manufactures, or even transports goods, then warehousing is a need for you.

Warehousing is essential for the success of any physical product business as it allows you to stock, repack, and use eCommerce shipping solutions. Over 43% of small businesses in the US don’t even track their inventory, affecting their long-term prospects. We look at what warehousing is and why it’s necessary for businesses.

What is Warehousing?

Warehousing is the process of physically storing goods before they sell out or are further distributed to a dedicated storage facility. The aim is to store items securely and safely in an organized manner to track them whenever needed.

While this used to be a time-consuming manual process, software houses such as ourselves now offer Warehouse Management Systems that help manage inventory while checking its current stat.

Here are three reasons why your business needs warehousing:

Better Inventory Management

Warehousing helps provide a centralized location for all your goods, making it easier to manage and track the inventory. About 34% of businesses ship orders late due to a lack of product availability or forget to restock them on time.

When you invest in a warehouse, it allows you to store, distribute, and ship products much efficiently than you previously did. Whether an item is out of stock or running low, you’ll know beforehand, along with alternative options to keep the customers entertained.

Efficient Processing and Packing

Today, most warehouses come equipped with supplies needed to move, store, process, and package orders for customers. From pallet racks to packing materials, warehousing allows you to keep everything in one place, which means you’ll save time and money.

When everything is readily available at its designated spot, employees will keep things organized and package things quickly.

Superior Customer Service

Your business is nothing without its customers, which is why keeping them engaged and satisfied is always your priority. Failing to deliver products on time or delivering poorly packaged goods all add to a poor customer experience.

With warehousing, businesses can make timely deliveries, optimize distributions, and create a superior customer experience by reducing errors and damages in order fulfillment.


How to Make Warehousing More Efficient?

While warehousing already helps reduce errors in your inventory management and makes your process efficient, you can further improve it with our Inventory Management Software (IMS).


AltheaSuite‘s Inventory Management System for warehouses allows businesses to track inventory at multiple locations while offering easy stock transfer between different warehouses. Whether you wish to assign locations to your products or track them while in transit, our inventory management system for warehouse empowers you in every way.


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