How Cloud-Based Inventory Management Can Benefit Your Business

Cloud-based inventory management software have been a revelation in improving one of the core business functions, the supply chain.

Cloud-based inventory management software have been a revelation in improving one of the core business functions, the supply chain. The system usually involves the recording of your stock levels through barcode scanners that constantly update real-time on your data. Many businesses have used our software and confirmed that they have improved their performance due to some of these reasons.

Improved Warehouse Management

Before the introduction of these software, you would have to go to your warehouses and count your stock levels manually. However, by shifting to cloud solutions, you allow yourself to monitor inventory levels in your warehouses remotely.

Furthermore, you can even take actions to deal with any issues, such as if the stocks running out in one warehouse and there’s excess in the other, you make transfers in no time. Previously you would have to visit the warehouses, assess the inventory, and then make a decision.

Accounting Efficiency

We also offer some advanced features in our inventory management software that can help with your accounting as well. With our software, you can integrate both financial data and inventory data together for a better exchange of information.

Your financial team will also have real-time analytics of inventory levels and their costs. Furthermore, the analytics will also report the goods that are performing well and that are not allowing you to make improvements in areas that you’re lacking.

Improved Supply Chain Management


A major part of reducing your procurement costs is to have a positive inventory turnover. This means you need to know the right time to purchase stock. In simpler terms, you want to buy stock when it reaches a certain point. If you wait too long, there’s a chance that while it’s being delivered, you will run out and have unsatisfied customers. If you order early, then you will have overstocking which will increase your inventory cost. However, with cloud-based solutions, you’ll know the stock levels in real-time and make prompt delivery decisions.

So, now that you know all these ways a cloud based inventory management system can benefit your business. You should also get our inventory management software that has features such as batch tracking, kitting, bundles, and even barcode inventories.

You can visit our website to learn about our software through some tutorial videos, or book a demo to see it in action, and if you’re looking to use it yourself then contact us to get a trial version of the software. 

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