Reasons to Consider Cloud-Based Inventory Management

Physically counting stock is time-consuming and has plenty of margin of error.

Physically counting stock is time-consuming and has plenty of margin of error. The good thing is you don’t have to do that when you have barcode scanners, you can your product and all your data is being recorded through a cloud-based inventory management software. This is a stress-free process that doesn’t require minimal effort. If these reasons are still not enough to convince you to upgrade, here are some more.

Improves Communication Between Business Functions

Communication is one of the keys to a successful business and a cloud-based inventory system enables that without any problems. We can allow access to the app for anyone in your company and they can access the data and be up to date with how the business is performing. This can be useful for marketing and sales teams that can analyze which products aren’t being sold as quickly and create strategies to improve that.

Easily Set Alerts


Let’s assume that you own a supermarket. You have an inventory of food products that have expiry dates, and you don’t want to sell expired products to the customers (though reports have suggest that food products are ok to eat even after the expiration date).

If you’re recording expiry dates manually, then it’s going to take you days to completely check all of them. However, our software enables you to sort your products according to the expiry dates and when they’re close, there will be alerts to help you take care of them as soon as possible. It also will have alerts when you’re running out of stock and other reminders as well.

Access to Inventory Data From Anywhere

Another benefit that should be considered is the ability to know how much inventory you have without actually going to the warehouse to calculate it. On top of that, it’s even more useful when you own multiple warehouses for example in different cities. You can access inventory reports through a mobile app from anywhere.

If these reasons are making you consider upgrading to a cloud based inventory management system then we offer one of the most advanced ones. Our inventory management software has continuously evolved over the past eight years according to our client’s feedback.

We have clients in many industries such as home furnishing, manufacturing, apparel, and electronics. It has been successful in all these industries and it can be for you as well. So, contact us to book a demo or get a free trial.

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