Serial Number Tracking: A Guide

Serial number tracking is very useful for any business that sells or manufactures products.
Serial number tracking is very useful for any business that sells or manufactures products. These serial numbers are a series of numbers, letters, symbols, or even a combination of all of them. The serial number usually indicates details about when the product was manufactured, where it was manufactured, and any other necessary details. There are various reasons why you want to use serial numbers in your business, for example:

Product Identification

These serial numbers are extremely important to improve your product recall. To put it simply, suppose you have production facilities all over the country, and a few faulty components are returned.

If you didn’t have a serial number, you might have to recall every single one of your components in the market due to the risk of malfunctioning. However, you can identify where they were manufactured, when they were manufactured, and which batch they belonged to with serial numbers. This will allow you to recall that batch only for further testing and not halt any production.

Legal Compliance


Sometimes you are legally obliged to mention serial numbers on your products, such as vehicle parts or, more famously, firearms. This is due to the safety of these products as the serial numbers help in identification and tracking.

Inventory control

If you’re looking to take your inventory management from good to great, you need serial number tracking. You can allocate a serial number to each product according to the specificity of its function and store it accordingly. It can significantly improve efficiency in your facilities, while you can also use it to make your quality management system (QMS) much more feasible.

If you’re looking to improve your inventory management with the help of cloud-based software that offers batch tracking, serial number tracking, barcode scanning, and even aid in order and delivery management, then you need to get our software.

We’ve designed this software to help businesses of all scales and sizes and continuously improve their effectiveness. We even provide integration options to some major e-commerce websites while also having various other features that you can have according to your business needs. You can contact us to find out how those different features can make your life easier

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