Tips To Streamline The Pick, Pack & Dispatch System

To work efficiently, B2C companies have to manage their business processes seamlessly.

To work efficiently, B2C companies have to manage their business processes seamlessly.  One way to manage order fulfillment operations is the pick, pack & dispatch strategy.

This process allows the business to directly pick items from the inventory, pack them and get them shipped immediately. Even though the process increases the efficiency of order fulfillment, it’s still possible to improve it. Let’s go through what you can do to further streamline the process.

Keep The Packing Area Well Stocked

The pick, pack, and dispatch system increases the processing speed of order fulfillment and delivery.  The process of picking items and then getting them packed must be quick and efficient otherwise it won’t work. In this case, running out of packaging supplies can become a problem.

Keep the packaging area well-stocked to keep the flow of the process constant. Using cloud-based inventory management software can further streamline the process as it can notify when stock is running low to ensure that you don’t run out.

Optimize Pick & Pack Process By Item Location

A pick and pack station doesn’t just depend on the employees’ working speed, but it also depends on the warehouse system in which they work. To further streamline the processing speed, use the warehouse to your advantage. Integrate a system through which the warehouse can support the efficiency of the workers.

Arrange the item location such that low shelf-life items are closer to the packing station. Another way of optimizing is by keeping items sold together closely with each other to further enhance the process. You can use innovative solution software to understand which of your items are quick-sell ones and which are often bought in groups.


Have Items Already Preassembled

Another way to streamline the pick and pack process is to have items that are more likely to sell together picked and packed before order placement.

For example, people often buy cleaning equipment with latex gloves, so consider packing these items together. Having items pre-packed can reduce the time for dispatch.  Order tracking solutions can help determine frequently bought items.

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