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See how Infinity Carports Inc improved their overall control of their inventory with AltheaSuite


Infinity Carports Inc is an up-and-coming leader in the light gauge steel building industry. They manufacture metal structures such as Carports, RV-covers, utility buildings, garages, and barns. They serve Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Louisiana. They have been successfully using AltheaSuite for their inventory management. They are managing their raw materials, components, windows, doors, and the rest of their on-hand inventory. 


A Cloud-Based Inventory Management System

Infinity Carports Inc was looking for a simple inventory management solution that could reduce their everyday concerns of going through complex workflows to add the incoming inventory. With a huge inventory at hand, there comes the need to efficiently manage the stock to understand which items are required for customer jobs.

The Solution

After the introduction of AltheaSuite, since everything related to their inventory management was now under one roof they found it very convenient. AltheaSuite provides the cloud-based centralized inventory management solution. The inventory management system completely trimmed down the manual work that had to be done to match records.

  • With AltheaSuite Infinity Carports now have a clear picture of how to organize, monitor, and optimize stock in real-time.
  • All the stock is received by “receive stock” and gets updated in the warehouse in real-time.
  • Infinity Carports were tracking all their inventory by hand. They were taking what they need and they have no idea how much is going out and how much is left.
  • With AltheaSuite inventory management they were able to receive stock, be able to see the correct quantities as well as being able to see all their stock transactions.
  • All the stock getting consumed at various job sites gets dispatched using the dispatch module. 
  • With the stock getting updated in real-time, AltheaSuite has helped Infinity Carports manage inventory efficiently.
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The Success

After working with the Infinity Carports team, AltheaSuite was able to provide a solid inventory solution. With a centralized inventory management solution in place for Infinity Carports, they are now able to have a real-time understanding of their material and component inventory. AltheaSuite’s built in reporting and analytics helps provide a break-down analysis of cost of goods and all book-keeping reports.

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