What Is QuickBooks, And How Integrating It Into Your Current System Can Help Your Furnishing Business?

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The accounting industry has reckoned with the importance of automation. And this is why accounting software such as QuickBooks has become so popular among today’s accountants.

But do you know that the accounting industry is not the only segment that’s a fan of QuickBooks technology? More and more retail businesses have integrated their existing CRMs and ERPs with QuickBooks to improve their financial reporting.

So if you’re a furniture retailer who hasn’t considered QuickBooks yet, we’ve something to tell you. Read this blog to learn about the benefits of QuickBooks for your home furnishing and furniture business.

Easy to Use

Unlike most modern-day accounting management software, QuickBooks is fairly easy-to-use. With its user-friendly interface, simplified features, and a plethora of solutions, QuickBooks is surely an accounting software meant for the masses. Integrating it into your existing system isn’t a tough job and can be done by your existing teams.

Wide Range of Features

QuickBooks has a wide range of accounting and financial features on its software. Whether you need assistance with a barcode scanner or generate an invoice through built-in POS software, QuickBooks has an abundance of options. You can generate invoices, track payments, and scan QR codes with the help of QuickBooks tools.

Simplifies Taxing and Tracking

QuickBooks is primarily an accounting software, so it has functions that support taxing and record-keeping. Integrating QuickBooks into your existing ERP or CRM allows you to automate your tax filing and bookkeeping record without much hassle.

Improves Inventory Management

Another benefit of QuickBooks is that it works as an inventory management software for furniture stores. Integrate QuickBooks with your existing inventory management system, and you can conveniently track your inventory in real time and enjoy live updates.

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Save Costs

QuickBooks helps furniture businesses save numerous overheads and costs. If you want to improve your cost of doing business and positively impact your profitability, then incorporating QuickBooks will surely yield you the results.

Reduces Financial Errors

Often overlooked, financial errors and discrepancies cause businesses to lose millions of dollars every year. If your furniture store wants to improve its financial reporting, automate the process, and avoid costly human errors, then integrating QuickBooks is a smart choice. QuickBooks automates the financial data entry and updates it automatically too. This eliminates the need for manual data and paperwork and improves data quality.

Easily Accessible from Anywhere

QuickBooks has a desktop version as well as a cloud-based system, namely QuickBooks Online. If you’re running a multi-location furniture business or have remote working teams, everyone with an internet connection can access QuickBooks in real time. This allows everyone on the team to be on top of financial matters at all times.

Ideal for Small Businesses

As said earlier, QuickBooks is an easy-to-use software that’s designed for the masses. Therefore, it remains an ideal choice for small businesses and enterprises looking for simple inventory management and financial solutions.

If you’re looking for inventory management software for a furniture store or require POS software for a home furnishing business, then contact us. At Althea Suite, we have cloud-based inventory management systems and much more.

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