How The Integration Of Shopify Can Help Your Furniture Business

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Growing at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 53 percent, Shopify has taken the e-commerce industry by storm. An online e-commerce platform that offers a plethora of features and services, Shopify has become synonymous with e-commerce success for many small enterprises around the globe.

The home furnishing industry is no different. As a vast majority of American furniture retailers go online, Shopify has become a handy tool for setting up their dream websites. But integrating your furniture business with Shopify has far greater benefits than moving to e-commerce.

This blog will look at some of the amazing benefits of integrating furniture stores with Shopify and making the most of e-commerce opportunities.

Cost-Effective E-Commerce Model

Many furniture retailers hesitate to set up an e-commerce website due to the costly development and technology pricing. But Shopify has an affordable pricing model and simplified systems that allow just about anyone to open an online store. You can integrate your existing system with Shopify in a few simple steps and get started without incurring high costs.

Improved Business Processes

Shopify integration improves a furniture store’s business processes in many ways. From apt inventory management to customer engagement to order fulfillment, there’s a whole list of things you can do via Shopify tools. Improved business processes naturally result in increased profitability.

Customized Store Front

Shopify integration also allows furniture retailers to set up their e-commerce storefronts according to their choice. You can pick themes, take help from developers for UX and UI, and build an e-commerce store of your dream without much trouble. It’s easy, fast, and doable for everyone to customize a storefront on the Shopify platform.

Laptop screen showing Shopify homepageMultiple Payment Options

In addition to opening an online store, Shopify also facilitates you while accepting payments. With multiple payment options, Shopify allows furniture retailers to offer an omnichannel shopping experience to their customers. You can opt for debit cards, credit cards, and cash on delivery via Shopify integration.

Enhanced User Experience

Shopify has a great backend infrastructure that fastens up the site’s responsiveness and loading time. This, in turn, positively impacts your furniture store’s reputation and improves the customer’s experience while shopping with you.

Secure Gateways

Data security is surely one of the primary concerns of all retailers and online businesses. Fortunately, Shopify integration secures your payment and data through multiple gateways and security protocols. Businesses can benefit from Shopify’s wide range of security features and offer security to their customers.

Higher Lead Generation

Shopify has great SEO in place that helps you attract more clients to your stores. And even though some people may choose not to shop from your furniture store online, it’s a great method for lead generation. Additionally, over 1.7 million businesses have already generated over $200 billion in sales through Shopify.

Ready to Kick Start Your E-Commerce Journey?

Whether you want to integrate Shopify or want inventory management software for furniture stores, reach out to us. Althea Suite is an inventory management software company offering POS software for furniture stores and many digital solutions for the home furnishing industry.

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