Seven Things A Furniture Store Can Do to Increase Sales During Black Friday

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The American furniture retail industry is worth over $229 billion. The industry boasts thousands of furniture store businesses spread across the country. In recent years, however, online furniture stores have garnered quite the attention. This is mainly because the pandemic forced the furniture industry to go online.

As a large-scale furniture store, you may be making sales all year. But for small furniture retailers, Black Friday offers the perfect opportunity to scale their sales and generate a higher revenue than usual.

Thinking about ways you can attract more customers and generate more sales this Black Friday? We have a list of tips to get you started.

Read this blog to learn seven things your furniture store can do to increase sales during this Black Friday.

Start Marketing Early

Proactive marketing goes a long way. And this holds particularly true for the furniture and home décor industry, that’s highly competitive. The earlier you start marketing your Black Friday promotions, the more chance you have to attract customers to your store.

Incentivize Your Customers

Why should a customer purchase furniture from you and not the home furnishing store next door? This is where incentivizing, and knitting and bundling come into the picture. Offer more benefits and better pricing, and use knitting or bundling techniques to incentivize more customers to buy from your business.

Have an Optimum Inventory

There’s nothing worse than a Black Friday sale where the stock is unavailable. Make sure to get inventory systems beforehand to better optimize your inventory. Use the technology to stay on top of your warehouse and provide an ample supply of your fast-running products.

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Set Up E-Commerce for Better Results

Do you know that e-commerce can significantly amplify your Black Friday sales? Online sales have recently gained a lot of traction in the furniture and retail industry, so it’s time for you to get your hands on e-commerce software. Set up your online store, integrate with technology, and start getting sales that will skyrocket your Black Friday revenue.

Invest in Photoshoot

While you’re setting up your online store, it’s wise to invest in photoshoots. High-quality pictures will not only attract an audience to your e-commerce store but will also help you boost your online marketing. Make sure to hire professional photographers to get good pictures of your merchandise.

Amp Up the Social Media

There’s no place better than social media to market your business. And during Black Friday, when most last-minute shoppers are frantically searching social media to buy furniture, your store should pop up at the top. Up your social media marketing and get the sales that you wish for.

Don’t Forget the Right Technology Matters

For everything you do to improve your Black Friday sale, using the right technology will play a huge role. If you want to invest in high-end inventory management software for furniture stores, POS software, and inventory management solutions for small businesses, contact us. At Althea Suite, we offer cloud-based software for all business processes.

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