Eight Signs Your Manufacturing Business Needs a Modern ERP Solution

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In recent years, manufacturing businesses across the world have started to use digital tools to improve their production and customer service. One tool that has become increasingly popular over the last decade is Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software.

But as is the case with all technologies, ERP solutions that came out a decade ago have become outdated according to today’s business standards. While many businesses have already moved to cloud-based systems, some are still lagging behind.

In this blog, we’ll discuss eight signs that your existing ERP software needs to be replaced with an advanced solution. Take a look below and see if you’re dealing with any of these signs at your manufacturing business.

Takes Too Long to Manage Accounts

An ERP solution is a holistic system that integrates finance, sales, marketing, and employee management tools. If you’re spending a lot of time managing your financial accounts, naturally you’re spending more time in other departments. This results in lower productivity and can be fixed with a modern ERP software.

Receiving Too Many Customer Complaints

Unhappy customers and poorly managed communications? This is a tell-tale sign that your current ERP system isn’t doing a good job. If you don’t want to lose any customers and want to enhance customer communication, it’s time to look at cloud-based solutions.

Facing Overstocking Issues

Poor inventory management is another sign of an outdated ERP solution. Manufacturing businesses can lose millions of dollars on the back of an underutilized inventory. Using technology such as inventory management software in your ERP system is a great way to improve your stocking situation.

Unable to Offer Flexibility to Employees

A robust ERP solution will offer greater accessibility to data and remote flexibility to your employees. This means that your employees can continue to do their work wherever they are and this is something a vast majority of employees want these days.

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Facing Vendor Management Challenges

If your vendor communication and management is lacking, it’s time to upgrade your ERP solution. For small businesses, this is particularly important as vendor management is as important as customer management.

Unable to Make Data-Driven Decisions

The billion-dollar manufacturing industry is nothing if not data-driven. But organizations with redundant ERP systems cannot gather or analyze data as modern enterprises do. This means that you’re not picking industry trends in time and failing to meet customers’ changing demands.

Wasting Money on Manual Processes

If your order and delivery management, invoice generation, and sales funnel are still happening through manual processes, you’re losing a lot of money. By using a modern ERP solution you can not only save money but also reduce the time your employees spend on manual tasks.

Failing to See Profitability

Even if you’re generating more sales, you’re still waiting for money in redundant processes. This is because outdated ERP software cannot help you analyze data, automate processes, and enhance customer experiences.

To make sure that your manufacturing business doesn’t lag behind, get in touch with us. At Althea Suite, we offer a wide range of inventory management solutions, custom ERP solutions, POS software, and e-commerce software for retailers and manufacturers.

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