Brad’s Home Entertainment

Read how, with AltheaSuite, Brad's Home Entertainment found an ERP software that met their needs and enabled them to streamline their business management and optimize workflow


Brad’s Home Entertainment is a family owned and locally operated home entertainment retailer located in Mountain Home, Arkansas. They specialize in home theaters, home theater accessories, entertainment furniture as well as BBQs and BBQ accessories. They had been using a POS software for around 20 years, but as it was no longer supported, they began looking for something new for their inventory management and POS needs. Their search was anything but smooth-sailing at first as they dealt with companies that led them on for months without providing them a product they could use. Then they found AltheaSuite. After a quick call, Brad saw that this was a software that could provide him what he needed and could be implemented quickly and efficiently. With the help of Brad’s input, AltheaSuite was able to meet the needs he had to begin with and much more.

Initial Challenges they encountered

After 20+ years using their old, no-longer supported software and then working with a company that couldn’t provide a product that they could use, Brad knew what he was looking for and what functionality he needed. 

 Unsupported software:

Working with an unsupported software can make many things difficult. No updates, lack of customer service, etc. Brad needed software that could work and grow with his business.

Tracking of appointments/service requests:

In addition to retail, Brad’s Home Entertainment does services and repairs for customers. They needed a way to track appointments/service requests with a user friendly calendar/scheduling interface.

Inventory management:

With an expanding business, one of Brad’s top priorities was inventory management. They have inventory that both utilizes serial numbers and inventory that does not. They needed a way to manage and track all inventory. 

Serial Number Tracking:

As mentioned previously Brad’s Home Entertainment utilizes serial numbers for certain products. They needed a way to track serial numbers in their inventory, sales and purchases.

Barcode Stickers:

Brad was looking to utilize barcodes and barcode scanners to help increase the efficiency of the business and reduce time spent tracking stock.


The Solution

AltheaSuite helped by streamlining all of their business operations inside a single software itself. It offered a platform that adapted to their custom workflows while keeping things simple.

  • AltheaSuites support team ensured that any issue that came up was quickly resolved to keep Brad’s business running smoothly and efficiently. In addition Brad offered suggestions and ideas that we were able to implement to give them the tools they needed.

  • On Brad’s suggestions, the appointment module and calendar tool was added to AltheaSuite. This allowed Brad’s Home Entertainment to easily manage appointments and service requests. Appointments for repairs could be scheduled, assigned to employees and converted into invoices after services were completed.

  • AltheaSuite allowed Brad to track his inventory through purchases, sales, returns and stock transfers. They could easily check what stock they had on-hand, what stock was committed, manage stock reorders and locate stock. This allowed for smoother business flow and less time allocated to inventory management.

  • With serial number management, stock that utilized serial numbers was automatically tracked and managed in AltheaSuite. Serial numbers could be assigned to items in invoices, stock transfers, purchases, etc. This allowed Brad and his employees an efficient way to track the movement and history of serial numbered items

  • AltheaSuite allowed for easy printing of barcode stickers as well as a barcode scanning tool. This gave Brad and his team a quick and easy way to keep using barcodes without having to change their whole system when starting with AltheaSuite.



The Success

AltheaSuite was able to work together with Brad to provide him with a software that fit his needs and allowed him to run his business more efficiently and effectively. The implementation of this software let Brad and his team cut down on their time spent on things like inventory management, scheduling and troubleshooting issues with their previous software. Our goal at AltheaSuite is to optimize the workflow of our clients and allow them to focus on the growth and success of their business and our work with Brad’s Home Entertainment is a great example of that.

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