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Read how Local Local Homes was able to use AltheaSuite to simplify their business management needs and help them grow/succeed as a dynamic new business


Local Local Homes is a property management/rental company that also deals with home furnishing and appliances located in Keaau, Hawaii. Jake and Ryan from Local Local came to us as a new business through our partner Nationwide Marketing Group. They had tried other software but hadn’t found anything that worked for them. They needed a way to track purchases, quotations (and receive deposits), convert quotes into invoices and track serial numbers. New businesses are going to expand and change, meaning the system they were going to use needed to be capable of continuing to meet their needs as they grew and supply them with the tools/functionality to be successful.  

Initial Challenges they encountered

The first software Local Local used ended up not being able to meet their needs and lacked the functionality they were looking for. A growing business needs a software that is able to grow with them, improving efficiency instead of hindering it. 

Creating and Tracking Quotations:

The team at Local Local needed a way to create and track their quotations for new customers easily. They were looking to be able to store these quotations when/if they needed to be converted to invoices.

Converting Quotes to Invoices:

They also wanted an easy way to quickly convert these quotes into invoices that could be directly sent to their customers. 

Serial Numbers and Serial Number Tracking:

Local Local utilizes serial numbers for many of their products and were looking to be able to easily keep track of items with serial numbers and manage inventory of serial numbered items. 

Purchases from Suppliers:

Ryan and Jake were also looking for a system to store and manage their purchases from suppliers and track incoming stock.

The Solution

AltheaSuite was the perfect software to help a new, dynamic business like Local Local Homes. A cloud-based software with regular updates and a plethora of business management tools we were able to give them a product that fit their needs and made workflow more efficient.

  • With AltheaSuite, Local Local was able to create quotations, receive deposits on these quotations and convert the quotations into invoices. AltheaSuite let them store this information efficiently and in a way they could easily access/search through their data to find what they needed.

  • Serial number tracking was another thing made easy with AltheaSuite. Serial numbers were tracked and managed through purchases, invoices and inventory automatically.

  • Purchase orders and purchase information was easily stored and simplified for Local Local. With AltheaSuite, stock was automatically updated in accordance with completed purchases from suppliers.

  • In addition, we were able to customize invoices, purchase orders and quote formats with Local Local’s specifications and branding. This allowed for a clean design without them having to use a separate company for their customization.


The Success

AltheaSuite was able to give Local Local exactly what they had been looking for in a business management software. For a fast moving, ever-expanding company, a cloud-based ERP software is absolutely necessary. With increased efficiency and workflow optimization, Jake and Ryan could do what they needed to do to grow and run their business, even when on the move.

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