Key Reasons to Revamp Your Billing and Invoicing System Through Holistic Inventory Management Software

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Imagine investing in technology that eases your staff’s workload and helps you maintain the ideal inventory level at all times. You can do both of these things and more using an effective billing and invoicing system!

While there are many ways to update the way you invoice vendors, we recommend doing so using inventory management software that provides stellar billing capabilities along with other great features.

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Create Personalized Invoices to Expand Your Brand

Invoices might not be the first brand-building tool that comes to your mind—but you’d be surprised how effective they are! Having brand elements like your logo on the bill will make your company appear professional in the eyes of your vendors. It’ll also spread the word about your brand because anyone that sees the bill with your logo will get a glimpse of your brand persona.

We recommend investing in software that has built-in features for integrating your branding. All you’ll have to do is upload your logo and the software will take care of the rest!

Send Out Custom Billing Amounts For Various Vendors

If your products are distributed through various sales channels, chances are you’re used to calculating and charging them different prices. Now imagine being able to automate this and apply percentage increases/decreases to various vendors!

Inventory management software makes this possible—you can set up custom price lists and send out pre-agreed amounts to vendors for optimal profitability. The software also lets you record your billing histories so you gain insights into modifying price lists based on historical data.

AltheaSuite Provides a Comprehensive Inventory Management Software That Includes an In-Built Billing and Invoicing System

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Revamping your billing and invoicing system is a walk in the park thanks to the inventory management software we’ve developed at AltheaSuite!

Our software provides both benefits we’ve discussed above in addition to offering stellar POS capabilities that help with boosting employee productivity. We’ve also built in kitting and bundling features to help clients manage bill of materials—and the best part is our software is completely customizable to your unique business needs.

Contact us now to learn more about the features of our software that’s popular among all kinds of clients from distribution businesses to home furnishing stores.

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