What Are the Benefits of Custom Barcodes to Home Furnishing Businesses?

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Custom barcode software

It’s no secret that barcodes have helped companies from an array of industries categorize their goods since they were first introduced 70 years back. But have you thought about the benefits of custom barcodes? The difference might seem trivial, but you’d be surprised at how beneficial custom barcodes are to businesses—especially those in the home furnishing industry.

Curious to know more? Here’s a look at some of the main benefits of custom barcodes to home furnishing businesses.

They’re Ideal for Displaying Prices on Furniture Displays

Imagine a chair in your furniture store with separate tags and stickers for pricing, inventory management, promotions, and product information. Chances are it’ll look cluttered!

This is where custom barcodes come into the picture. Generating one large custom barcode that also shows pricing and promotional information is great for customers that desire easily readable labeling. It’s also an all-in-one solution that can help your staff manage stock at the store while showing customers around simultaneously.

They Allow Instant Store-Wide Scanning and Item Searching

If you own a sizable furniture store, there’s every chance your staff will struggle to shuttle back and forth between payment terminals and furniture just to complete inventory-related tasks. Custom barcodes streamline this process!

All you’ve got to do is invest in inventory management software that allows for the creation of custom barcodes and runs on the cloud. This way, your staff can walk around and scan tags with their phones to check for things like supplies and promotions on the go. This is a great way to boost customer service and quickly send out purchase/restocking orders in case your supplies are low.

AltheaSuite’s Inventory Management Software for Home Furnishing Stores Allows Users to Create and Harness the Benefits of Custom Barcodes 

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Whether you’re looking to include invoice and customer numbers in your furniture barcodes or add item images to an online inventory for easy searches, you’ll love AltheaSuite!

We’ve built advanced barcoding features into AltheaSuite to help home furnishing businesses capitalize on the benefits of custom barcodes mentioned above. Our software is also ideal for managing online furniture deliveries and dispatching invoices to preferred vendors in the event of stock shortfalls.

Reach out to our team today to discover how our groundbreaking furniture inventory software can help your business.

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