How to Improve Online Christmas Sales Through eCommerce Software

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Have you considered how to improve online Christmas sales this year? With the festive season just around the corner, demand for a plethora of goods and services will undoubtedly go up—and companies who have invested in eCommerce software are most likely to reap the benefits. If you’re wondering why this is the case, you’re in the right place!

Here are 3 ways to improve online Christmas sales by harnessing the power of eCommerce software features.

Split Your Previous Customers into Groups Based on Price Sensitivity

Feature: Customer Relationship Management

Did you know some eCommerce software comes with advanced customer relationship management features to help you improve online Christmas sales? One of the best features is the ability to categorize customers based on their price sensitivity.

Some customers will flock to a competitor if you increase your prices over Christmas while others will stick with you due to the effects of price inelastic demand. eCommerce software can help you group customers accordingly, so you have a clear idea of what kind of pricing strategy to use.

For instance, suppose you split your customers into groups based on price sensitivity and find 35% of the mare highly sensitive while the rest of them aren’t sensitive. This information can be used to generate unique price/discount lists to help you maximize demand!

Prepare Your Fleet & Drivers for Timely Deliveries

Feature: Delivery & Fleet Management

Timely deliveries are a must if you’re looking to improve online Christmas sales. Fortunately, eCommerce software comes with advanced features like the ability to view optimal delivery routes in real-time, so your drivers spend the least possible time making the maximum number of deliveries.

The less time your drivers spend per delivery, the more deliveries you can make—so be sure to invest in software with solid order and delivery management capabilities.

Keep Sufficient Inventory at the Right Fulfillment Locations

Feature: Inventory Management

How do you work out which fulfillment centers to keep your products at for optimized order delivery? The answer’s simple—use eCommerce software.

The inventory management capabilities of the software will help you create a solid plan of where to house stock and how to set up auto-reordering. This way, you’ll be able to take more orders without fear of missing deliveries, and your online Christmas sales will improve.

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If you’re keen to improve your online Christmas sales using state-of-the-art eCommerce software, we’re ready to help you at AltheaSuite.

We’ve built inventory, order/delivery, and customer relationship management features into our software to give you the best possible chance at maximizing your profits this Christmas. Our software interfaces with top platforms like HubSpot and is built on the back of 15 years of development experience.

Whether you’re an eCommerce wholesaler or a small furniture store, you can rest assured our software will help you manage your sales and capture market share during the festive season.Contact us now to experience a 1-hour demo with our experts!

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