A Step-by-Step Guide to Automating Inventory Management Using Software

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Are you thinking about automating inventory management at your company? It’s a great way to order sufficient stock to fulfill your orders without having to worry about storage costs. One of the best ways to go about it is by using inventory management software that includes features like barcode scanning and automatic stock auditing.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to automating inventory management using software.

Step 1: Sit With an Inventory Management Software Developer to Discuss Your Business Needs

The first step to automating inventory management is to contact a software developer. Speak to them about what you want to achieve—do you want to move your inventory to multiple locations before a busy period? Do you want to connect your stock management with other software like QuickBooks for accurate bookkeeping? Are you interested in optimizing stock movements and flow (supply chain management)? The answers to these questions will help them guide you.

Step 2: Go for a Demo

Once you’ve briefed the developer about automating inventory management, the next step is to sit down for a demo. During the demo, they’ll show you all the features that can be used to solve the issues you raised in the initial meeting.

Step 3: Implement the Software

After learning how the software works, the third step is to roll it out at your firm. We recommend using it to consolidate your inventory, so there’s a good flow between manufacturing goods and dispatching them to vendors.

It’s also worth using the software’s analytical tools to forecast future stock needs, so you’re well prepared for demand fluctuations.

Step 4: Liaise with the Developer

The final step is to keep in touch with the developer regarding feedback about the software. For example, if you’re unable to maintain an accurate inventory flow, let them know—you might be using the software incorrectly. It’s also worth going for additional demos in case you didn’t learn all the features you require the first time.

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We’ve made automating inventory management easy thanks to our cloud-based software at AltheaSuite. In addition to stock management, our software helps firms automate the invoicing process and manage their employees. It’s also a useful way to manage customer relationships, organize delivery fleets, and helps with order fulfillment.

Contact our talented team now to learn more about our inventory management software.

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