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Read about Mattress Makers' struggle to find a POS software that was going to provide them with the POS/inventory management tools they were looking for. Until they found AltheaSuite.


Mattress Makers is a mattress maker and retailer with two locations in San Diego, CA and La Mesa, CA. It is a family business that is run by the Hernandez brothers; Pablo, Gabriel and Samuel. You would be hard pressed to find another company with leaders that work harder and are more passionate about what they do. Mattress Makers needed a POS/Inventory management software that was going to work just as hard for them. After 4+ years of searching they came across AltheaSuite.


Initial Challenges they encountered

Mattress Makers had been looking for a new POS software for quite some time but had yet to find a product that worked for their needs. Their previous system didn’t always run as smoothly as they would have liked but they didn’t want to switch to any software, they wanted to find one they loved.


Mattress Makers needed a system to create quotes, send quotes to customers and track their quote history. 


They also wanted a similar system to manage invoices. Creating invoices, sending to customers and tracking previous invoices as well as payment.

Backorder PO’s:

Another thing the Mattress Makers team was looking to do was create and manage backorder PO’s and easily track this data.

Delivery Management:

Additionally the MM team was hoping to find a software that could manage/coordinate deliveries and their delivery schedule.


The Solution

While looking for their new POS software, Mattress Makers had the benefit of knowing what features they liked as well as what features were lacking with their current system. This allowed them to be as picky as they needed to be and find a software they really trusted and believed in. They found that with AltheaSuite


  • AltheaSuite provided an efficient, intuitive system to create quotations, share the quotations with customers and store this information for future reference with easy access.

  • AltheaSuite also allowed for easy creation of invoices. Quotations could be easily converted to invoices, sent to customers, printed and again, stored with the information easily accessible. 

  • Mattress Makers also utilized the backorder PO system in AltheaSuite to automate their backorder PO management. This allowed their stock and purchases to automatically reflect changes when receiving purchase orders.

  • With the Delivery Module on AltheaSuite MM was able to streamline their delivery management by customizing delivery areas, delivery slots, creating delivery trips with Google Maps integration and recording their delivery history. 

  • Additionally, AltheaSuite was able to create and customize business intelligence reports with our reporting tool. The Mattress Makers team utilized reports detailing commissions, attachments and taxes among others.

The Success


The Mattress Makers team were able to move on from their old POS software and found, in AltheaSuite, a software that would provide the tools and functionality for them to improve efficiency and increase the automation of their business management needs. The team at AltheaSuite provided them with the quick, around the clock support they needed. AltheaSuite was able to optimize workflow and give the Hernandez brothers more time to focus on running the business they are so passionate about.

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