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Read how Smith successfully manages inventory, serial numbers, sales and purchasing for 2 locations with AltheaSuite.


Smith Appliance is a family owned and operated business that was established by Earl Smith in 1968. They have two locations in Hiram, GA and Marietta, GA. Smith Appliance provides high-quality appliances at affordable prices and offers flexible payment options, home delivery/removal as well as discounted options. They needed a way to easily track inventory (especially serial numbered items), create and store invoices/orders and automate many of their manual processes.

The Situation

  • Cloud-Based Inventory Management:

They needed a system that could be accessed from anywhere without the need for expensive location-based hardware. The Smith Appliance team wanted to be able to check inventory on the go without being tied down to an in-store system.

  • Tracking Inventory:

Smith Appliance needed a way to know what inventory they had, what was committed to an order or invoice and what was packed ready to ship/already shipped

  • Tracking Serial Numbers:

More specifically, as an appliance retailer they needed to track specific items/serial numbers. If a customer came in needing a dishwasher they needed to be able to see exactly which ones were in stock and which ones were previously committed to a separate customer.

  • RWS/Payroc Integration:

They also needed a system that would integrate with their website (Retailer Web Services)  and card processing provider (PayRoc) for real-time updates in inventory and payments.

  • Training/Implementation:

Like any business, They wanted to be confident their team would be trained and they would not lose any historical data (invoices, purchases, customers, etc.)

The Solution

  • With AltheaSuite, Smith Appliance was able to put a premium on efficiency and visibility into their operations without sacrificing any historical customer/sales/inventory data. AltheaSuite was able to provide:

    • A 100% cloud-based system giving the team at Smith Appliance the ability to run their business without being IN their business.
    • Highly comprehensive inventory tracking to know which stock was available, where stock was located, what stock was arriving and which items had been committed to customers.
    • Serial Number management to have precise insight into exact serial numbered items and never lose track or double-commit inventory.
    • Full integration with their website to reflect stock and pull all inventory SKUs, data and images into AltheaSuite.
    • Full integration with their card processor, PayRoc, to fully link up payment and financials in their AltheaSuite account
    • A complete, in-depth implementation and training of employees to ensure Smith Appliance was set up for success.

The Success

AltheaSuite provided Smith Appliance the exact tools they were looking for while integrating all aspects of business management, transferring historical data and offering full support in setting up their software to best fit their needs. They have been set up to automate manual tasks, increase visibility into their operations with our comprehensive reporting and make their day-to-day a bit less stressful.

“I put a stopwatch on myself, entering the same sale into “competitor” and AltheaSuite.  From creating an invoice through marking all items delivered, here are the results:

“Competitor”: 5 minutes 31 seconds

AltheaSuite: 2 minutes 47 seconds”

-Teri Stanfield, Smith Appliance

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