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The Better Mattress, is a mattress retailer located in Denver, CO. From their website:

 “Our story begins in 2020. We are a family-owned startup retailer of mattress and mattress related products with a single store in Denver, Colorado complimented by a complete eCommerce offering. Our goal is to bring quality sleep to the unique demographic mix of consumers who populate not only the Denver metro area, but the Front Range of Colorado as a whole.” 

Their team was looking for a change from their old POS/Inventory system, when AltheaSuite caught their eye.

The Situation

As a somewhat new player in the industry, The Better Mattress team had been using their old software for a few years before they decided they had outgrown it. The team underwent a thorough evaluation process based on some of their challenges


Backorder PO’s:

The Better Mattress wanted a simplified way to create back-order purchase orders and link them to the customers invoice.

Delivery Management:

They were also looking for a software solution that would be able to not only manage POS/inventory, but also was capable of handling/scheduling deliveries for their business

Custom Reporting:

The Better Mattress also prioritized a system with advanced reporting/business analysis capabilities to keep track of sales, purchasing, finances, deliveries and more.


For any organization, implementing a new software system that encompasses the majority of your operations is intimidating. The Better Mattress wanted to be sure to find a system that would be easy to pick-up and intuitive for their employees. 

The Solution

After a long evaluation process, The Better Mattress decided on AltheaSuite. We were able to help them organize their purchasing/back-ordering with our comprehensive billing/ordering features to ensure their customers got what they wanted. We helped them implement our delivery management to increase their efficiency/cut down on errors. We were also able to offer in-depth reporting, including a custom report our team created to capture commissions for their sales team. Throughout the entire implementation AltheaSuite trained The Better Mattress team on using the system, while also offering full support even after going live. The Better Mattress has been an exciting business to work with and we look forward to our continued partnership.


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