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Brother Home Furnishings is a home furnishing retailer located in the heart of Tennessee. 


“We understand that a home is more than just a place—it’s an experience, a reflection of one’s personality, aspirations, and cherished moments. This belief fuels our passion to curate pieces that don’t merely fill a room but elevate it, transforming ordinary living spaces into personal sanctuaries brimming with style and individuality.”


Brother Home Furnishings merges southern hospitality with modern furnishings. To expand their reach, they switched from their old software to AltheaSuite’s POS/Inventory system.

The Situation

Before recognizing its limitations, Brother Home Furnishings settled on their old software for years to help them organize their business. However, after some evaluation and careful planning, Brother Home Furnishings decided to embark on their journey with AltheaSuite- to receive the most modern approach to inventory management. Brother Home Furnishings sought a system accessible from any location, at any time, ensuring seamless functionality without reliance on on-site servers.


Data Migration from Previous Software

Having used their previous system for years, Brother Home Furnishings aimed for a smooth transition, necessitating the transfer of historical sales data, products, customer information, supplier details, and existing stock to the new software.

Integration Requirements

As a member of Nationwide Marketing Group, Brother Home Furnishings relied on Retailer Web Services for their website, alongside various other integrations essential for synchronizing with their POS/Inventory management software.

Design and Print Barcode Sticker

AltheaSuite’s software facilitated the seamless creation of Design and Print Barcode Stickers for Brother Home Furnishings. This feature enabled them to generate customized barcode stickers directly from the software, streamlining their inventory management process allowing for enhanced inventory tracking accuracy and optimizing their overall operations.

Set invoice print formats

Brother Home Furnishings leveraged AltheaSuite’s software for inventory management to set invoice print formats and seamlessly add opening stock, existing customers, and opening balances. With AltheaSuite’s intuitive interface, they effortlessly customized invoice templates to reflect their branding and tailored their inventory setup to accommodate existing stock levels and customer data.

The Success

AltheaSuite’s integration of RWS website sync for Brother Home Furnishings proved highly successful. Within just 8 weeks of implementing the cloud ERP software, Brother Home Furnishings experienced significant improvements in their operations. With the RWS website sync feature, they streamlined product management and synchronization across their online platforms, enhancing efficiency and customer experience.

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