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AltheaSuite delivers the software your business needs.

We pride in our ability to provide customized and effective solutions quickly for our clients

AltheaSuite is here to make a business successful by providing technology and process solutions. Our software solutions align with the business current process, then gradually transform it based on Customers’ needs and appetite. It makes their current business efficient and future growth achievable.

We are a Global Technology Solutions company. With over 15 years of development experience, we have built a full collection of software that will perform the most needed functionalities for business. 

AltheaSuite software includes

Our Strengths

Our strength is in understanding your business process and providing a very quick but perfect custom solution that will make your customer interaction, employee interaction very easy.

Our application will provide an end to end solution for all your business processes and integrate them beautifully. Our system will be proactive and will reach out to you at various points as per your business needs.


Over 8,000 customers use our proven products across 20 countries...

  • We are an energetic, innovative team of over 70 working together since 2013
  • We are dedicated to helping businesses grow with the use of technology.
  • Make technology accessible to businesses who thought it was out of their reach
  • Provide user-friendly solutions for the wider use of technology for all people
  • Provide ways to businesses to provide exceptional customer service

We accomplish our mission through a commitment to our core values

We commit to providing technology solutions that relieve our customers’ pain points and support the successful achievement of their ambitions.  Support our customers’ growth through the alignment of their business processes, with our technological solutions.

AltheaSuite also provides Point-of-sale (POS) and integration with payment gateways such as Authorize.net, PayPal, Square, and more.

As a starting point, we provide mature functionality for managing your inventory, purchases, complex sales structures, efficient item catalog management along with batch management. We would also provide customer coupons, loyalty programs. As part of your business management, we provide printing functionality like check printing, barcode sticker printing also with barcode sticker designers.

With our solutions you can manage your warehouse stock movements, product shipping, we are also interfaced with a number of handheld devices along with printers which will make your warehouse management shelving and item location very easy.

Accurate Data

Accuracy in reporting is essential for a business to function properly. Althea has proven itself as a more reliable, accurate, and capable reporting tool than the competition

Ease of Use

Our solutions work on all modern web browsers and some of the modules also have companion smart device apps for Android and iOS.

We grow with you.

Our Cloud-based business management software offers all the modules and functionalities that your business would need to grow fast. 

For any sized business

Althea’s solutions are modular and designed to scale with your business needs. Add business functions as you grow.

Quick Implementation

Custom software implementation for our customers business management with the fastest implementation on the market

Powerful features

We offer feature-rich, high-quality products with the most powerful features on the market and best customer service and support

Does any of the following apply to you?

If so, we are the right fit for you.

  • You are a small-business or medium-sized business owner or operator.
  • You are struggling with your daily business processes and operation.
  • You are juggling spreadsheets, different calendar applications, and still missing out on important business interactions between employee teams and customers.
  • You are struggling with lost inventory or can’t easily find your inventory.
  • Your orders, customers, workflow, purchases, book-keeping, are all in separate systems.
  • You do not have proper documentation to keep an audit of your processes at the right points.
  • You are missing out on appointments, critical dates, and daily routine of things to do.

AltheaSuite was developed to step in and streamline your business workflow and processes. Giving you a peace of mind.

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Get started with AltheaSuite. </br>No contracts required.