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Cloud-based inventory management software for small businesses, AltheaSuite, offers all the modules and functionalities that your business would need to grow fast. Althea Suite is a mature software solution used by retailers, brands, and manufacturers.

  • Althea Suite works on all modern web browsers and some of the modules also have companion smart device apps for Android and iOS.
  • Althea Suite is highly scalable and will grow with your business needs. You can start with only a few modules and add on all the other powerful modules to your subscription as you grow your business.
  • The distinguishing factors that our customers love the most are Althea Suite’s very intuitive user interface that adapts to all screen sizes and its tremendous capacity to generate reports and charts.
  • The secret to grow your business is to make effective decisions. With Althea Suite, you can get all the information you want about your business.
  • Althea Suite is capable of providing the reports and charts in the way you want and that too in a proactive automated fashion.
  • Althea Suite is capable of handling ALL of your business processes. Plus, we add development efforts in it to fit it perfectly for your business and in the way you do your business.

Sales Related Functionality

Althea provides a feature-rich sales module that accurately keeps track of stock changes, maintains financial records, and provides discount and promotion functionality.

  • Dynamically updates stock as transactions occur
  • Offers & promotions management
  • Handling of sales return & store credits
  • Detailed reports at various levels on sales data

Users can apply various discounts to individual invoice totals, or by select brand items or categories, with optional date and time restrictions.

Althea’s sales feature easily handles returns and lets you issue store credits or cash as your policy allows. The system will adjust and maintain accurate records when processing returns.

Item Catalog Management

Our application’s user interface and its supporting backend are especially good at handling very powerful searches through system data, making the item cataloging exceptionally robust.

  • Easily create various custom fields that allow multiple views of the same catalog
  • Robust searching capabilities
  • Import and export data via Excel
  • Support for one or more images per SKU

In the Althea item catalog, you can create custom fields to hold various types of data that are relevant to your products and business. These unlimited custom fields allow for item catalog and sales histories to be organized into multiple views. For example, sales of a given period can be filtered by category and further broken down by brand or author.

Custom fields also allow for quick searches and grouping of items. Books can be searched by subject, author, publisher, release date, title, or any other custom field.

Management of a large inventory of SKUs is simplified with the ability to import and export data using Microsoft Excel.

Inventory Management

Althea’s extensive inventory management capabilities will help keep track of each item in your store.

  • Support for item location, such as aisle, shelf, closet, etc. for quickly locating an item
  •  Support for multiple warehouses and stores
  •  Ability to transfer stock between locations
  • Stock Audit functionality
  • Ability to correct inventory with a paper trail
  •  Detailed view of the stock ledger for each SKU to track down stock discrepancies

Stock Audits

Any Windows/Android/iOS based handheld device can be used for stock audits (we can suggest cost-effective Bluetooth barcode reader hardware that can pair with generic mobile phones and tablets if preferred)

Stock Locations

The storage location of individual SKUs can be specified with data fields. This capability makes online orders a breeze. The order slip can be printed with the list of each item in the purchase as well as the location in store for each item, making it easier for packers to fill orders, saving valuable time.

Stock Movements

All stock movements can be tracked between different storage locations. Althea’s stock audit modules will help perform periodic stock audits and help fix discrepancies in real-time. Each stock change has an audit trail in Althea, and every stock change can be tracked via SKU’s stock ledger. Althea can run on various mobile devices, making it very easy to perform stock audits whenever necessary.


Customer Management

Custom fields can be applied to customers as well. These fields will provide similar organizational benefits as a custom item catalog. If you already have a large customer database, when you are starting with Althea, you can use Microsoft Excel Spreadsheets to import the existing information.

  • Custom Fields for customers can be used to store various types of data related to your customer.
  • Support for Customer photo
  • Manage customer loyalty
  • Define schemes and promotions
  • Customer groups, multiple price-lists


Althea provides an integrated e-Commerce website for your business. We have a number of customizable templates to choose from, or we can also build your website entirely from the ground up with your design suggestion.

  • Ability to build the website with your choice of look and feel.
  • e-Commerce is seamlessly integrated with the backend application.
    • Has powerful filtering and data presentation capabilities.
    • Ability to highlight the products you want to feature at any time.
  • Any changes to product prices, descriptions, names, pictures will immediately reflect on the end customer-facing website.
  • Products can be optionally shown and/or allowed to be purchased on ecommerce based on inventory at hand.
  • Ability to integrate with payment gateway of your choice for processing your online payments.
  • Customer login and ability to view purchase history.
  • Ability to auto print a shipping / order receipt on a printer in your premises when an order is placed on an eCommerce site.
  • Email and Text Messaging integration. New orders can be emailed / texted to people configured in your system.

Althea will provide powerful search capabilities and shopping cart functionality for your e-commerce website. The website will be able to provide various filters and views of your item catalog to your customers. It will also be able to create groups of items to be highlighted on your website for specials and promotions. 

Althea is integrated with several popular PCI compliant payment gateways to process your online payments. You can pick any of them as your choice of payment gateway. For faster processing of online orders, Althea can automatically print an order receipt to a printer on your premises. If you prefer to work paperless, the shipping requests can also be managed with our smartphone app.

POS Terminal functionality

Althea offers robust POS terminal capabilities with the ability to manage separate cash register sessions for employee shifts, add / remove money from the cash register by authorized users at any time, and end shifts with comprehensive closing reports.

  • Shift management solution: clock in & out logs for employees
  • Easy to use, granular user role management to restrict areas and functionalities of Althea to people with specific roles
  • Management of cash register sessions
  • End of the shift reports for cash registers
  • Althea is environment friendly and can provide electronic invoices/receipts instead of printing if desired.



Support for a wide range of hardware

  • Dedicated windows-based touch screen POS terminals
  • Generic laptops or desktops
  • Android-based tablets and phones
  • iOS-based iPads and iPhones.

Support for a wide range of printers

  • Ethernet (LAN) Printers (Ex. Epson, Zebra.) – Supports ESC/POS and ZPL printing
  • Bluetooth printers
  • USB printers – Star Micronics for iOS and Android-based devices

Any mobile handheld device using Windows/Android/iOS can become a POS terminal.

  • Ability to customize the print format of sales receipt
  • Email / Text Messaging interface for sending invoices to customers for better environmental protection.

With Althea’s support for hardware, it is possible to use your existing POS terminal hardware. Any modern mobile device using Windows, Android, or iOS systems can additionally be used as a POS terminal.

Althea also supports a wide range of peripheral hardware, such as printers and barcode scanners. Althea can also work with low cost, pocket-sized Bluetooth printers, allowing for effective mobile POS terminals. This feature is particularly helpful for socially distant transactions. Our windows based dedicated POS terminal app also supports having a second display for customer viewing.

Althea is environment friendly and can provide electronic invoices/receipts instead of printing if desired.




Reporting is one of the most substantial capabilities of the Althea Suite.

  • Extensive reporting capabilities
  • P & L reports at various levels
  • Various reports related to item catalogs, sales, and inventory
  • Ability to create new reports on the fly with our report designer
  • Support for importing and exporting data via Microsoft Excel

With Althea, managers are able to generate P & L reports on multiple levels and at various consolidation points. With Hyper Drive Solutions, there is no need to wait for application release cycles to add new reporting capabilities to Althea.

Data export capabilities are easy in Althea. You can export any data set or report desired to a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. Althea’s additional optional modules can also help you automate many of your report generation requirements.

AltheaSuite Barcode Sticker Functionality

Althea has a companion barcode sticker designer application. This lets the user design and print the barcode stickers in various sizes and formats. 

Many of our customer use Althea’s barcode printing capabilities for

  1. Internally generating and printing barcode stickers with their own packaged goods
  2. Printing additional barcode stickers with human-readable prices to be put on the shelves neat the product display
  3. Replace torn or unreadable barcode stickers on existing products.

Our barcode sticker printing capabilities are integrated into the Althea application and once the sticker is designed, it can be printed for any product in your catalog. Althea will replace the selected product’s information in the designed sticker.

Althea is also capable of printing any data in a barcode format. For example, invoice numbers, customer numbers, Loyalty point number, and other document numbers can be printed in the barcode format so that they can be entered quickly and accurately back into the system at other data entry points.

While printing barcode stickers, Althea can work with various printers and print resolutions. 

Dedicated barcode sticker printers like Zebra sticker printers that support ZPL language or other generic sticker printers that require complete barcodes to be provided by the application, can work with Althea. Small mobile dedicated sticker printers also work with Althea and can come in handy to replace the missing sticker on the store shelves or on products.

Generic laser printers that are used for A4 size paper printing and also commonly used inkjet printers used for document printing can also be used for barcode sticker printing with Althea. On these printer’s you can use A4 size sticker sheets and Althea will allow you to print the complete page full of stickers of different products or you can also specify the number of stickers to print on the page and reuse the remaining sticker on the page later. 

Our customers from Jewellery retail vertical have been using Althea’s barcode sticker printing capabilities to print odd-shaped stickers as well. 

Althea’s database integrated printing capabilities go beyond barcode sticker printing. Our customers have used our printing and designing modules to prepare product catalogs with pictures, discount coupons, Employee Ids, Customer Loyalty cards, etc.

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