Barcode Stickers

 AltheaSuite, lets you design and print your barcode stickers. Use a barcode scanner to scan barcodes, QR codes, and UPCs,
 and let our barcode inventory system for small businesses increase your business efficiency and inventory management.

Design and Print your Barcode Stickers

Quick Barcode/QR Code Scanning​

Often the speed at which your software solution can scan a barcode can determine how much time do employees save on a daily basis while performing their day-to-day operations. AltheaSuite ensures that you get a very quick barcode scanning experience to ease and quicken the staff’s inventory-related tasks.


Printing Barcode Stickers

While printing barcode stickers, AltheaSuite can work with various printers and print resolutions. 

Universal Product Codes (UPC) Management

Barcode Sticker Designer

AltheaSuite comes with an in-built Barcode Sticker Designer that helps you customize the look and feel of your barcode sticker. Customers can essentially create their own stickers by themselves or send them over to us to customize based on their specific needs.

Print any data in a barcode format.

Oftentimes software solutions offer basic barcode printing but leave out crucial aspects such as giving customers the ability to also print Item location-related printables.

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