Enroll your customers in loyalty programs, create promotions,
issue gift cards, and much more with Althea’s Customer Relationship Management feature.

Capture your customers' attention even after they have left your store

Keep your customers coming back with Althea suite’s Customer Relationship Management tools.

With Althea you will be able to create:

Delight your Customers with Loyalty Points and Boost Sales

Grow repeat business with your own customer loyalty program. Create Loyalty Programs for different customer groups. Define the number of loyalty points per dollar spent. 

Increase your Revenue by Selling Gift Cards

Gift cards – are a great way to connect with your customers. You own a garment store, super market, a restaurant, a spa, or an online specialty store, a great way to acquire new customers while retaining your loyal ones is to sell gift cards.

Get Insight of your Business with Althea's powerful Reports

Easily Add Customers

Save customer information while creating invoice & rapidly build your customer database. Easily import your customer list with simple excel upload. Define your customer's credit limits in various currency.


Althea lets you send transactions, promotional notifications and announcements using SMS / email in an automated, and organized fashion.

Schemes and Promotions

Define your own schemes and promotions- you'll even be able to give categorized discounts to specific customer groups. Treat your most valuable customers to regular discounts.

Store Credit

Easily issue store credits to customers if they have come for a sales return. Your customers will be able to redeem their store credit balance the next time they’re in your store.

Customer Groups

You could be entertaining distinguished customers -define separate customer groups like VIP, Wholesaler, Student, etc. and provide them with custom pricing.


Create different kinds of discount coupons for your customers. Whether you prefer to print them with customized designs or Email / SMS them to your customers - Althea gives you both options.

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