Dixie Cabinets simplified their Inventory Management needs with AltheaSuite
DixieCabinets AltheaSuite Customer

AltheaSuite is a great asset to our company. It has been wonderful in helping us manage inventory for our warehouse. We use Althea for our cabinet inventory. The customer support is always amazing. Their team goes above and beyond to make sure we are satisfied with the product.


Owner Dixie Cabinets


Dixie Cabinets LLC is a company that Retails high-quality all-wood kitchen and bath cabinets. They are located in Tallahassee, Florida, and have a huge customer base built up by providing quality products. 

Over the years they have built up a great range of products that customers can choose from, offering them perfectly suited cabinets based on their needs.

Initial Challenges they encountered

They were essentially looking for a simple Inventory Management Solution that will allow them to manage the inventory of available products that they have in the store. They didn’t want something complex to complicate their daily operations, instead of something that could further simplify their current business workflows.

  • Barcode Scanning for Inventory coming in and going out
    They wanted to use barcode scanners to log products in and out of the system to make the purchasing and selling process much more convenient.
  • Preferred Vendors
    Along with adding their Inventory in the software they needed to also track Preferred Vendors with the respective Items. This was essential at various levels of data analysis.
  • Product Definitions
    Because of the highly custom nature of the items in the inventory, it was essential to capture intricate details about the product definition. All of this additional information needed to be captured at the time of product creation.
  • Re-order levels
    With a huge inventory at hand, there also comes the need to efficiently manage the minimum stock levels to understand which items are required to be re-ordered. This was something that would help them plan for what raw materials are required based on the incoming orders.
  • Analytical Reports
    While understanding that their business required a much simpler software, they also realized the need to have an easy way to look at their Stock Reports and find what exactly they are looking for.

The Solution

AltheaSuite revolves around the core purpose of offering a simple and easy to use software solution to its clients. Since we realize that businesses come of all shapes and sizes, it is critically important to offer a solution that is highly specific to their needs.

  • With its simplistic UI design and AltheaSuite capability to run on any device of all screen sizes, it made Dixie Cabinet accessing the software and understanding the software an easy task.
  • AltheaSuite came with an inbuilt Barcode Sticker Designer. They were able to create unique Barcodes for all SKUs as they entered their Inventory through Excel upload.
  • The implementation team was able to customize a Barcode Sticker based on their Barcode Printer design that was in use. This helped them immensely in terms of quickly being able to scan the products coming in and going out.
  • Through the preferred vendor section in the product definition, Dixie Cabinets were able to associate vendors with items. This helped in intuitively generating Purchase Orders on the go. Now they were able to filter out information (such as stock, sales, purchase data) available in system reports based on these preferred suppliers.
  • AltheaSuite gave Dixie Cabinets the capability to define custom fields with the products. Through these, they were able to add things such as specific cabinet sizing information, color patterns being used etc. The same was facilitated through a quick Excel upload which made it incredibly easy to add all information in one go.
  • Dixie Cabinets were able to specify minimum and maximum reorder rules for all items in the Inventory. AltheaSuite triggered email and text notifications as soon as the item quantities went below these set levels. This considerably shortened the time taken to understand what’s required by the team to fulfill upcoming orders. Since Re-order management was also linked to purchase order creation, the PO creation process became seamlessly efficient.
  • AltheaSuite has a huge repository of all essential reports required in terms of Stock computation. Reports such as Warehouse wise stock drill-down, category wise stock analysis, etc immensely helped Dixie Cabinets understand the specifics of the stock lying in their warehouse.

The SuCcess

Dixie Cabinets found a solution to all their inventory needs in AltheaSuite. It’s simple UI was particularly something that their team found most helpful during the implementation phase. They were able to manage all of the product related aspects, hence it fit perfectly to their business need. Since AltheaSuite implementation, Dixie Cabinets have found a substantial increase in their order processing time. They look forward to using more interlinked modules with AltheaSuite as their business grows.