Home Savers used Althea Suite to power their growth adding 7 new stores

AN INSIGHT ON Home Savers Ireland

Home Savers is a multi-chain retail giant located in Dublin city of Ireland. They have their stores spread over different cities of Ireland. 

Home Savers are using a on premise solution of Althea at 100+ terminals with server to server and till synch which allows them  to work  seamlessly when internet is down. They are also using companion  Warehouse  app for managing their warehouses’ activities. 

Home Savers were previously using retail POS software for managing their Inventory and Billing. The software had its limitations which were causing problems for their business architecture.


Initial Challenges they encountered

They wanted a software that had a centralized data system, in order to manage their multiple locations. 

They were also looking for a single solution to manage all their business needs. Using different applications to run their business was a challenge for store managers and staff.

Home Savers have a huge warehouse for each of their store for managing their Inventory. Hence there was a need for an application that supported a portable device for  stock audits, printing price tags and manages other various warehouse operations.

Being into the European market a POS that supports card-transactions is utterly important. There was a need of an EMV ready solution which works in synchronization with their banking system seamlessly.

Due to harsh weather conditions in Ireland, there are times when the network fails or goes down and this results in pausing the needy operation of a business. Home Savers wanted a solution where business does not get affected in such situations. 

There was a need for an offline solution to allow their tills to work without stopping their billing operation while the back office wanted to work completely in the online.


How Althea catered to their concerns

Home Savers then approached Hyper Drive which provided them with Althea Suite, a Retail ERP solution to help them manage all their business needs. Managing their business with this single solution has made its way of managing their business quite a lot easier.

Althea being an Enterprise management solution has a rich set of features with an intuitive and user-friendly interface. With strong inventory system, multiple currency management, and robust reporting capabilities being the USP of Althea, all these fit precisely with what Home Savers needed it for their business.

The team at Hyper Drive worked towards enhancing the features fulfilling the business requirements of Home Savers. We started working on integrating the pin pad with the Bank of Ireland for payment solution. Success came soon than expected as the UAT process was passed successfully from the Bank of Ireland team within two weeks.

With this, the installation had begun in one of their stores. We then launched an Warehouse management app which had features that were much needed for their business. And with a span of 2 weeks, Althea was deployed in rest of their other stores after getting positive results running from their first store.

The Solution

With Althea’s ERP solution, Home Savers have scaled up their business with the positive results. Some of them are the following:

  • Painlessly manage inventory across multiple warehouse and multiple locations.
  • Provide customers with a smooth, friction-less checkout experience.
  • Hassle free setup for new stores opening which makes scalability lot easier.
  • Setting up a new store with Althea Suite takes less than 30 minutes.
  • With the data being centralized, they can now take smart decisions on their purchases.
  • Easy to use and modern UI which makes the new staff learn quicker.
  • Tills operation benefited with faster checkout while working in offline mode.
  • The company now gets the centralized data it needed, and easily able to see its profitability.

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