See how Althea Suite has helped Indigo Restaurant centralize its operations

More about Indigo

Indigo is a premium Restaurant cum Hotel located in Lagos and Abuja in Nigeria. Apart from their premium suites which guests feel delightful to stay in, they are also popular for their unique delicacies and their newly re-designed menu. 

For Indigo, technology has always been a key part of their success in Nigerian market and their owners are always looking forward to new innovative ways to automate their business processes. 

The initial problem they wanted to overcome

Since their restaurant chains were located across 2 cities in Nigeria, they always faced problems in properly consolidating their business processes and also lacked knowledge on essential day to day data on how their stores were performing.
The management identified several bottlenecks which either were related to the POS system that was in place or because of using traditional strategies for their Restaurant management.  

  • Cash Register Management played a key part to their day to day computation problems as they couldn’t calculate the net amounts collected across all payment modes for both locations.
  • Majority of the staff members were newly recruited and had very little knowledge of POS solutions in general. The current software that they used also had quite complex business flows so a lot of times they would either miss sales or commit errors while performing certain fundamental tasks through their software which was quite a big headache for the owners. 
  • The owners were mostly commuting to other cities or countries and hence wanted a way to easily look at their business data in a much more presentable and in-depth manner than their last POS software. These required reports weren’t just limited to the day to day things managed in the software, but also computational business analytics for business growth. 
  • As mentioned before that the owners perceived new ways to automate several operations. One among them was revamping the complete Order Taking System. They firstly wanted to streamline all orders to come through Tablets where customers could self-order and look at the menu.
  • After the order taking, the Kitchen Receipt Management and handling order to the customer had to be incomplete synchronization. This had to be again standardized for both locations.
  • Since their business was booming, the identified areas they could stress more on. But they lacked a good offer management system in order to funnel all customers into Membership programs through which they could ensure that they were in the good books of the customers for a long time.

The Solution

Althea Suite was introduced to their team to help them structure everything under an umbrella. Althea was like a very positive revelation to their staff and management in terms of overall Restaurant and Hotel Management.


Althea offered simple and easy solutions to their traditionally rigid and complex business flows. The core emphasis of the Althea implementation team was to get rid of the identified bottlenecks and offer practically implemented solutions that other businesses having similar business needs used.


  • They were introduced to Cash Register Open and Close functionality in Althea that completely monitored the amounts collected across all different payment modes and was well represented in Day closing reports also.
  • This ensured that there was no cash being stolen or mismanaged as the manager got detailed reports of the Cash Submitted vs the Actual Cash Register Collections at every shift-end. 
  • Althea Suite is a very simple and easy to learn software. It’s designed in a way so people with minimal software knowledge can perform daily operations.
    On the top of the simple UI, Althea Suite also has several help tags next to every Button which guides users as to what is the operation of that functionality while even quoting some examples for better understanding. The staff definitely felt at ease with the new process flows and as a result, there were fewer errors.
  • Althea having a customizable Dashboard solved their need to obtain all day to day essential information hassle-free. 
    In their case, we identified these reports as critically important, and hence we were able to fine-tune these in their requested formats:
    • Day Closing Report: Identified the total amount collected throughout the whole day in comparison to the number of invoices and the items sold.
    • Table Wise Sales Report: This gave them a quick comparison of the number of items sold across different tables in the Dine-in area.
    • Dine-In vs Take Away vs Delivery Sales Summary: This report helped owners understand the sales being generated through Dine-In, Take away and Delivery. Using the same they were able to emphasize which part of their business required more focus.
    • Apart from the above mentioned essential reports, the owners were also guided towards the Business Analytics section in the reports module. Here an array of business computational reports are given. 
  • These include reports such as Best Selling and Slow Selling Items report, Budget Management reports and Sales Forecasting Reports (to analyze parameters that can help them grow), etc.
  • The Order Taking process was revamped by adding Tablets for customer self-ordering. This way customers can look at the menu and choose to order at will. 
  • The orders given were properly managed through the Kitchen Display App that was kept on a Tablet in the kitchen. The kitchen would then mention the status of an order by a tap and the waiters could now collect orders. This really helped the staff in avoiding confusion and laid down very clear guidelines for all people on their tasks while managing Table and Take away orders.
  • The management was given proper training on CRM management inside Althea. The CRM had several easy to use features. The owners created Membership programs and applied them to customer groups.
  • All the latest offers and Menu Changes were conveyed to the customers through Bulk SMS / Email sending features in the CRM. This way customers were kept informed and management could now focus on business growth with proper tools at hand.

In a nutshell, all of the staff and owners could now conceptualize moving towards an automated and self-reliant business while using best possible tools.  Both of the locations are now centrally controlled and all operations are now properly streamlined.
Indigo is now also planning to add Online Ordering as a revenue model. Althea’s quick and easy website setup will  guide them soon to get started with their Online shop also.

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