How Mommys Kitchen1 re-invented their Delivery Management System
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Mommy’s Kitchen is a traditional North-Indian cuisine based restaurant in the Sammamish, WA area. They have a team of well-seasoned Chefs who’ve worked across several successful restaurants in Seattle. They offer great food at a fair price for Take-out, Delivery and Catering services. 

Initial Challenges they encountered

The majority of their sales are coming in from the orders placed through their website. There was huge disarray in terms of the required features that were very important to Mommys kitchen1 Staff.

  • Independent Delivery Management System
    Mommys Kitchen1 didn’t have staff members as delivery personnel hence, they used services such as Door-dash where customers used to redirect to place orders from. These orders coming from these 3rd party services ate a huge chunk of their bill amount. They wanted an independent system that could tackle Delivery Management for them. 
  • Communicating with Customers through SMS/Email
    The management wanted a system that would give them the capability to interact with customers through SMS and Email. It was very important for the Restaurant to keep their customers in the loop about the changing menu options and upcoming offers that their customers could capitalize on. 
  • Google Map guided Route Management
    While delivering orders it is highly essential that their Delivery people could look at the pending orders and the best possible routes available. This also involved a requirement to send notifications to customers about the incoming order time.
  • Ability to Integrate eCommerce with POS Backend:
    Their previous software provider didn’t have a way to essentially integrate the eCommerce aspects with their POS solution. These included not just synching the orders that came in from the website, but also stock, data analytics, and CRM related information. 

The Solution

AltheaSuite team closely worked with Mommys Kitchen1 management to provide them a custom solution that fulfilled all their requirements. We offered them a solution that not just helped them centralize all of their business operations but to do so with ease.

  • Our team built a visually identical eCommerce website similar to their previous one since they felt quite comfortable with the website workflow. Online shop is completely integrated with the AltheaSuite backend system.
  • AltheaSuite offered them an in-depth Delivery Management system that used Google Map based route management. 
  • The need to have an integrated Delivery Management system was one of their primary requirements. AltheaSuite was able to let customers choose a convenient delivery slot, pickup slot from the website. The staff was then notified about these incoming deliveries and the Delivery Management system ensured that the orders were managed until it reached the customer doorstep.
  • The Delivery management solution gave the driver ability to take the most effective route. The customers were notified of the estimated delivery time. Their management used SMS notifications to inform customers to convey important information such as asking them to meet them by the curb for order pickup which was placed from customers living in high rise buildings.
  • AltheaSuite gave them the ability to capture their customer’s signature and an order confirmation picture at the time of delivery. 
  • AltheaSuite also gave Mommys Kitchen1 the ability to manage an in-depth Inventory of the products used up in the kitchen along with the stock of items automatically being reduced when customers placed orders. Now, they could also look at the sales and stock analytics from the website quite precisely.  
  • This also mapped the customer name, mobile, email address, and addresses of customers in the CRM. AltheaSuite gives them the ability to remarket existing customers and generate repeat sales.

The SuCcess

Mommys Kitchen1 since the implementation of AltheaSuite saw a substantial increase in their order processing capabilities. Now they were able to effectively track the whole lifecycle of order through their iPad. Meanwhile, since they started using their own delivery system instead of relying on 3rd party services, this also led to an increase in customer satisfaction as they were able to set their own delivery related standards. They now plan to explore more options such as loyalty programs and offer management inside AltheaSuite that can help them increase their customer base.

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