See how Althea Suite has helped Platin Store manage their business in Arabic

Platin Althea Customer

An Insight on their business

PLATIN Stores are a trademark for premium quality in the Apparel and Clothing business across Damman, Saudi Arabia. They have upcoming Stores in the beautiful city of Jeddah  named as ‘TOP CHOICE’.

They deal in huge varieties of clothes and have an large range of colors, brands and sizes that customers can choose from.

Their founders always believed in providing customers with versatile options along with convenience in exploring the inventory of products. Their firm is always looking for ways to make business dealing Smarter and ways to reduce redundant tasks within the organization using Smart gadgets and software solutions.

Initial Challenges they encountered

The organization and its Founders always envisioned customer and product management using Smart software and hardware solutions. To see this through they were on a lookout for an easy-to-use and highly industrious ERP Solution to manage front-end and back-end operations seamlessly. 

  • Since they have such a huge Inventory at hand they wanted to segregate everything and catalog all items in easily identifiable categories and subcategories. Hence they needed a way to structure everything while looking for a software solution. 
  • All of the staff were locally recruited so all of them were very comfortable speaking and reading in Arabic. Hence the Founder’s wanted a software that can give them the capability to have the complete application translated in Arabic
  • According to some of the latest guidelines laid by the Saudi government the Sales Invoice receipts and a couple of other reports have to be modified in the manner that they have standardized. So the software needed to fulfill this criteria too. 
  • The Stores often faced internet connectivity issues day to day. Since the software had to be used across several locations, hence they required a way to use the software without an active Internet Connection
  • The founders always wanted to be well-informed on how their businesses were progressing, hence they needed a reporting system that could ease this task of daily sales and inventory tracking.
  • Since the staff and managers were not very Tech-savvy, they wanted Hyper Drive team to have localized software personnel made available for complete software installation, setup, training and ongoing software support services.  


The Solution

After analyzing the working structure of the firm and their raised concerns and requirements, Althea’s windows version was recommended to be the best suited product for them. They were made aware of how the functionality that was going to fulfill their requirements by laying down an implementation plan. 

  • To catalogue everything and make it structurally convenient, the Custom Fields in the item manager were used to put down what attributes for example colour, size, brand, design number etc were related to that respective product.
  • These custom fields were easily imported in bulk through easy excel upload and then further helped the staff to easily identify the products while billing based on their attribute type.
  • Also, the Checkbox Filter functionality on the Billing Screen was simultaneously used by the staff to identify a product conveniently if the customer just had the clothing style/color in mind. 
  • With the help of our local implementation partners in Saudi, Hyper Drive team was able to offer PLATIN a completely Arabized user Interface. All pre-existing labels and terms in the software could be changed to Arabic from English by just a click of a button. They could switch back to English if they wanted at any point of time. 
  • After discussion with the managers we were able to give PLATIN a customized Sales Invoice receipt which had Arabic and English Item Names mentioned along with the numerical values. This was also done for several important Reports that the management required for data analysis. 
  • To tackle the Network/Internet Connectivity issues, PLATIN was given the “Offline Mode” of HDPOS Smart. The Offline mode had such characteristics that enabled the users to continue the billing process even when the Internet was not available or the Server system was not reachable at the client location due to bad network connectivity.
  • On top of this the data was synced back to the main server that controlled all store locations. This helps them keep a centrally controlled flow across all store locations.

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