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An Insight on their business

Simply Desi offers India based snacks and delicacies to the people of Sammamish, USA.

They are based in the Seattle area and serve customers with a traditionally Indian menu while constantly reinventing themselves to bring out new treats for people based on popular requests. 

Initial Challenges they encountered

  • Ability to print token numbers and manage order numbers. Prior to using Althea Suite they were taking orders and writing all order details manually on a paper to hand it over to the kitchen. Manual order management was time consuming and this resulted in customer queues and frustration. 
  • Management of order delivery. They wanted software that could notify kitchen staff about the new orders. They also wanted software to help them mark order which were delivered.
  • Payments and invoice receipt generation had to be tracked. The customers wanted a quick and easy way to pay and tip the staff if required. 
  • The staff wanted to control the inventory flow. They wanted to decide what raw material they should purchase for their next day and how much time they were spending in their kitchen cooking.
  • Advance Order Management was required. Their customers at times placed advance orders and later they come to pick up food from their stall.
  • A proper reporting structure with day closing report, their total collection in cash and card was required. 
  • They wanted to check what were their peak selling hours and what were the products they were selling the most.
  • Limited hardware storage space restricted them to keep a dedicated Desktop/iMac with integrated POS receipt generator/label generator.
  • Employing Customer Engagement strategies was also something the owners always had in the back of their heads but could not execute due to trivial redundant tasks they got diverted towards due to software inefficiency. 

The Solution

Althea Suite was like a revelation to the staff in terms of simplifying their daily operations. By not just offering solutions to their existing problems but also showing them more avenues of growth, they happily served customers with a redefined zeal.

  • We integrated Althea Suite with Square as they were comfortable with that payment solution.
    Althea is directly integrated with square. As soon as a payment is received, the software gets updated in real time and a sales receipt gets printed/or sent to the customer via Email/SMS.
  • Althea Suite gave them the capability to use a dedicated mobile application for KOT and order management. So as soon as someone places an order using the application, immediately they can view the order details on the KOT App. From the app itself they could then mark it as prepared/delivered to control order flow. This also ensured all Tokens are catered to and no customers have to wait unnecessarily. 
  • To control the raw materials and ingredients used while preparing the menu items we implemented the BOM functionality.
    This feature enables automatic deduction of the specific set of raw materials used in a particular plate/bowl of item served. Now the management could know the complete raw material consumption throughout the whole day and plan their days accordingly. 
  • Althea Suite also gave the staff the ability to take Advance orders and then later based on their requested time frame have the order ready to deliver.
    This gave them immense confidence in the product as now they could completely handle all scenarios centered around customer ordering. 
  • The data analysis tasks of the owners were made very easy as Althea Suite gave them an in-depth representation of their Daily Sales, Raw Material Consumption, Data analysis of daily sales and stock consumption gave them insight to their business.
  • Since they had limited space for Hardware to keep around the store we offered them Althea Suite on iPad. For Sales Invoice generation a Bluetooth printer was used. The entire setup barely occupied any space and the staff could easily move around while processing the orders.
  • The app was in real-time sync with the KOT App and hence followed a structured sales cycle without any glitches. 


After using the Althea on a regular basis the owners identified that they could now focus more on customer engagement strategies since a lot of the redundant tasks were removed and sales data analysis was intuitively managed.

Althea Suite helped them increase their sales due to express delivery of orders, increased customer satisfaction and lesser waiting queues.

For future enhancements Simply Desi plans to manage all their recipes and plan orders in Althea. This will help them to take catering orders and manage large events and expansion of their business. They have a plan to go online this year to maintain social distancing. This will help them sell online and also accept payments on their website. 

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