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What started in 2006 with the idea to sell apparel clothing to all age of women, has grown into a network of 3 big retail locations across India. Temple silks have represented the heritage like no other.

Over the years, Temple Silks has remained successful by staying in touch with real and ethnic cloth lovers and helping them choose from a large selection of woman designer apparel to elegant fashion wear.

Initial Challenges they encountered

Key Challenges faced

Temple Silks is famous for it’s Sarees and hence they had a constant influx of customers visiting the store from every region in the city.

  • With customers trying on apparel in multiple styles and colors before making their purchase, Temple Silks always had a lot of staff movement between the sales floor and the stockroom. 
  • The owners had to also ensure that their staff had access to detailed information on a respective product, to impress the most devout Saree lovers. 
  • The founders needed a central tracking system for inventory control across their multi-location setup.
  • Learning the ins and outs of their daily operations was a sturdy task and with no access to historical sales data, it was tough to figure out business scaling.

The Solution

Temple Silks were recommended the newly redesigned Althea Suite to tackle all their ongoing problems.

  • With Althea, the owners now have a clear picture of how to organize, monitor, and optimize stock in real-time.
  • Stock is being centrally controlled for all 3 Stores.
  • Also, it’s Stock Transfer module helps them to move stock from one warehouse to the other.
  • They are able to know exactly what their customers are buying. The data from software tell them which items are selling more.
  • They stock up on fast-moving colors and design to make more sales and keep their inventory intact.
  • Temple Silk team also maintains a wish-list in Althea to record special orders and items which a store doesn’t have at that moment and then later request to purchase stock accordingly.
  • The owners are given a report on “missed sales” so they can take care of those items and customers in the future.
  • Whenever they need to look at reporting of various items as per their attributes like colors, sizes, styles, Althea provides them with a drill-down reports where they can analyze these reports. 

The Solution offered

Temple tree has gained a lot of profit and success with the implementation of a new ERP solution. Being on top of their Inventory and never missing a sale has been their biggest improvement since moving to Althea’s inventory management system.

They even have plans to scale up the business to many more location 

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