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Getting Started with AltheaSuite

AltheaSuite being a Cloud-based business management software offers all the modules and functionalities that your business would need to grow fast.

AltheaSuite aligns with your business process with seamless integration. manages point of sales, inventory, accepts payments, purchases, and gives customized data insights.

AltheaSuite can be used for all types of small and large scale businesses like Grocery, Garments, Furniture stores, Salons, Escape rooms / Events, Restaurants, etc.

Yes, AltheaSuite can be very well used for your small business. AltheaSuite is highly scalable and will grow with your business needs.

You can start with only a few modules and add on all the other powerful modules to your subscription as you grow your business.

Yes, AltheaSuite works in all countries and with all currencies.

Yes, we provide a 14 days trial to check AltheaSuite. You can check all the features in this trial period.

Sign up and Take a Free Trial.

You will receive an email with details to complete the setup and login to AltheaSuite.

It takes around 5 to 10 mins to do the initial setup of AltheaSuite.

For a complete setup like adding your item, customer, employee, etc the setup will depend on how much data you have. Some businesses complete this process within a couple of hours.

AltheaSuite works on all modern web browsers and some of the modules also have companion smart device apps for Android and iOS.

Clearing browser history or cache will not affect your data as your data is saved in the cloud and is safe there

If you are using AltheaSuite, data is stored on AWS cloud server.

Client’s data security is our prime responsibility. We do not take responsibility for your data loss due to technical or natural calamities or maybe due to failure of third party service providers that we use for hosting our servers. We offer for you to have your database nightly backup if you so desire. It is your responsibility to validate the nightly backup you received if you have set up to receive your backup. Currently we only provide backup delivery to you through your dropbox account and the backup will be in the form of microsoft sql server file.

As the data is saved in the cloud, you can reach us to clear the trial data. Meanwhile, if you need any masters like product list, customers from trial data, you can export in excel.

You can very easily migrate the products and customers to AltheaSuite from your other software. Place all the product and customer details in the excel template provided by AltheaSuite and upload it in just one click.

What Hardware Works Best

Yes, AltheaSuite can be used with your existing hardware like computer, printer, and cash drawer. You can send us hardware details so we can confirm before you go live.

Yes, you can use AltheaSuite on your iPad. You just need a browser and internet connection on it.

There are no recommended versions of any device to use AltheaSuite. All you need is a browser with an internet connection.

You can contact any hardware vendor. We do not have any preferences for hardware as AltheaSuite works with any printer installed in your system and a typical cash register is configured with a printer and waits for a printer to tell it to open.

Yes, you can use your existing hardware like printers and cash drawers with AltheaSuite.

It’s just another name for a credit card swipe machine. They allow you to take credit and debit card payments from your customers. Please contact the card machine provider to know the costing.

AltheaSuite is a Web-based application so a reliable internet connection is mandatory.

Plans and Pricing

Yes, you can upgrade or downgrade your plan at any time as needed.

If you want to cancel your subscription for a stipulated time. You need to make a special request to our customer support service which would be treated as required. 

Our pricing plans are simple and transparent. You don’t need to worry about hidden charges popping up at the last minute.

Altheasuite comes with a flexible pricing model. You only pay for what you use depending on your business size. Our subscription plan depends on number of users and locations that you have.

No, you can sign up for 14 days free trial with no commitment.

You can choose to pay monthly or annually.

Yes, you can increase or decrease the number of logins as per your need.

AltheaSuites basic subscription plan for one location. On top of it if you add additional location it will be additionally charged. Refer to know the cost of additional location.

Setup cost or Implementation fee is an extra fee for the technical implementation. Setup cost you pay in addition to what you are paying for the product.

If you make any user inactive and do not want to use it anymore, you can change your login count in the subscription plan else you will be charged for it.

Yes, this is a prepaid subscription plan so depending on your plan it will be valid for a stipulated period irrespective of if it is used or not.

Your Store

You can definitely use your existing printed barcodes. While creating products in Althea Suite just enter the barcodes you have already printed.

Yes, you can create as many retail outlets as you want.

Yes, you can create as many employees as you want. You can also have a separate login id for them based on the subscription plan taken.

There is no limit to having products in your catalog. You can add as many products as you want. Your subscription plan might upgrade to higher version after certain number of products or invoices are created in system

Yes, AltheaSuite is integrated with Quick Books online.

Yes, you can very well manage inventory from AltheaSuite.

Payments And Integrations

Customers can do the payment by Cash, Card, and Gift card. They can also purchase products on credit. We are integrated with various payment solution partners.

Yes, you can split the payment in different methods like Cash, Card, Gift card, etc.

 Yes, you can issue refunds on void sales. You can return cash or issue a store credit.

We support Paypal, Stripe, Square,, card connect and can also customize and add others according to your needs

Online Store

Yes, it is completely mobile friendly.

Yes, you can sell products online using website powered by us and integrated with Althea Suite. All the online orders, inventory will be managed in Althea Suite

Websites powered by us are integrated with Althea Suite. All the online orders, inventory will be managed in Althea Suite so it is essential to use Althea Suite to get started with online ordering.

A notification will be received for each new order and you will also receive an email letting you know that there’s a new order.

Yes, you can send out SMS/Email notifications when an order is ready/delivered.

Yes,  you can and it is very simple.

Out of stock items will not be displayed on the online ordering menu if you have configured those settings.

We support Paypal, Stripe, Square,, card connect and can also customize and add others according to your needs at an additional charge.

HDKOT is an Android and iOS companion app. Use on your Android and IOS devices for managing your Kitchen Order Token (KOT)

Customer Support

Althea Suite is very intuitive and it won’t be difficult for anyone to use. There won’t be any extended training required.

Our executives will revert your mail within 24 business hours.

Althea Suite website has a huge repository of tutorials for guidance.

We offer 24/7 customer support. We also have dedicated support lines. You can reach us on our website via live chat and also generate a support ticket online.

 Yes. Althea Suite can be used in any country.

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