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Manage sales, track expenses, get a real-time view of your inventory and view financial reports when and where you need them.

Key features of AltheaSuite for apparel and textiles industries

Order and Sales Management
Purchase Management
Inventory Managment
Textile fabric production
Accounting & Finance
Barcode printing & Scan
BI & Analytics
Tax Management
Delivery Management

Seamless integrations with your business essentials

All-in-one retail solution that makes your retail operations and stock handling simplified

A Cloud-based solution that will work anywhere, on any device

Single Solution for your Business
Do you own an apparel and textiles business? If you’re looking for a solution to help you manage your inventory, online sales channels, track employee work progress, and manage client relationships, check out AltheaSuite Inventory Management software. It offers small and medium-sized businesses a complete inventory management solution. The cloud-based software allows businesses to organize their inventory, process orders, and arrange timely delivery.
Inventory Management
Inventory management includes keeping track of stock, inventory invoices and organizing inventory transfers from one warehouse to another. The AltheaSuite Inventory Management software offers small and medium-sized apparel and textiles firms a complete inventory management solution to run their business more efficiently than ever before.
Do you wish you had a tool to help you organize your inventory in the warehouse? With AltheaSuite Warehouse Inventory Management software, you can keep track of incoming and outgoing stock, consumer demands, and track your goods at each stage in the supply lifecycle.
Inventory Flow
Tracking inventory flow is a complex task. We’ve made it simpler for small and medium-sized firms in the apparels and textiles sector with the AltheaSuite Inventory Management Software. The custom inventory management software lets businesses manage the flow of inventory from production to storage to transportation.
Bulk purchase to smaller quantities
Do you purchase raw materials in bulk or smaller quantities? Whether you run a small or medium-sized apparels and textiles firm, the AltheaSuite inventory management software is a great tool to track your inventory. You can use the software to measure your goods in kilograms, pounds, grams, carats, liters, or gallons.
Planning and Scheduling
Do you own an apparels and textiles firm? You can plan and schedule deliveries and inventory transfers with the AltheaSuite Inventory Management Software. You’ll never lose track of your inventory, and all your deliveries will be on time, which in turn will boost consumer confidence in the service provided by your firm. The cloud-based software offers a complete inventory management solution to small and medium-sized apparel and textiles firms.
Almost every business offers free quotes for its products and/or services. You can create price estimates for all the goods in your inventory using the AltheaSuite Inventory Management System. These quotes can be emailed to your clients upon request.
Barcode Stickers
Cut down on third-party printing costs by printing your own barcode stickers with the AltheaSuite Inventory Management software. You can use the software to design and print barcode stickers for all the goods in your own inventory, including raw materials, semi-finished products, and finished goods.
How effectively do you manage your firm’s relationships with its clients? Effective Customer Relationship Management (CRM) can play a seminal role in the success of a business. If you are in the apparels and textiles sector, handle your firm’s Customer Relationship Management with the AltheaSuite Inventory Management software. You can create exclusive discounts for your most loyal customers, get valuable feedback, and handle customer queries and complaints efficiently.
Reorder Levels
With the AltheaSuite Inventory Management software, you’ll never lose track of your inventory again. The software records all the items in your inventory and automatically suggests which ones should be reordered when running low. The software also allows you to reorder items from vendors.
Lot Numbers
The AltheaSuite Inventory Management software allows you to assign a unique lot number to each batch in your inventory to help you track your available stock more effectively. You can use these lot numbers to track your goods through each stage of the supply cycle, from storage to transportation to delivery.
Point of Sale
Setting up a secure and reliable Point of Sale (POS) terminal for your online business will allow you to diversify your sales channels and sources of revenue, allowing your startup to generate more profits. You can set up a secure and user-friendly POS terminal for your online business with The AltheaSuite Inventory Management software for small and medium-sized enterprises. Your clients can pay for their purchases online with zero hassle.
Managing business taxes can be a complex and painstaking task. You can automate this process with the AltheaSuite Inventory Management software. It allows apparels and textiles businesses to manage sales tax, file taxes, and keep track of sales tax on products.
The shipping feature in the AltheaSuite Inventory Management software is integrated with ShipStation. You can use this feature to ship your goods with a shipping partner of your choice, including FedEx, UPS, and USPS. You can ship your goods across the US and even overseas.
Quick Books Integration
The software comes integrated with QuickBooks Online, the popular cloud-based accounting solution. You can use this feature to manage all your company’s financial transactions.
Financial Accounting
Most businesses find financial accounting to be the most demanding aspect of running a business. You can simplify it with Althea’s financial accounting feature, which allows you to manage your accounting books and generate balance sheets.
Tracking employee progress at work can help you identify problem areas and make your business more efficient. With the AltheaSuite Inventory Management software, your employees can log their shifts by clocking in and out and view their progress daily at work.
The AltheaSuite Inventory Management software offers business tools to track inventory, generate sales and invoice reports, and more.

Automated Solution for Business Growth

Jobwork / Tailoring

Along with sale of your clothing items, AltheaSuite will give you the freedom of managing stitching and alterations, so that you can provide your customers personalized adjustment.

Kit / Pack

You can combine multiple products as a bundle or kit and resell it as a new product. Create pack of product, which includes multiple quantities of the same product.


Get simple daily summaries delivered to your inbox. Receive day’s data on sales, payments, and purchases by sms or email.


The dashboard Provide crucial insights into current business health. See total sales this week and compare total sales to last week, and last month.


Create custom fields as per your business requirements. Customize your sales invoice with your branding. Create users roles and restrict access to important documents.

Bulk import & export

A quick and easy way to upload all your product, customer and supplier masters. Use our data import templates to build your product, customer and supplier list in minutes.

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