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Your Appliance Store Operations

Manage your sales, services, inventory and financial accounting in a single application

POS, Inventory and Services

Partnering with AltheaSuite, an innovation centric technology company, for your business management solution will help you take advantage of what technology has to offer in recent times.


Cloud Based

No need for internal infrastructure, AWS dependability.

Clean and very Intuitive user interface

Easy to use and very low training time.

Modern technology and 100% compatibility with smartphones

Stay connected with your business from anywhere in the world!

Comprehensive Solution with Modular design

Find a solution for whatever you need to do for your business from purchase to services and everything in between. Pick and choose the features you need. Grow with AltheaSuite.

The AltheaSuite approach

Understand the real-life problem, provide a simple solution, go that extra mile to make sure to fit perfectly for the business to solve the problem at hand.

What does AltheSuite address?

We have a very large set of features and modules that are especially geared towards running successful Appliance and Electronics retail stores

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Inventory Management

Track and manage inventory levels, including stock availability, reorder points, and stock transfers between locations. AltheaSuite inventory management provides real-time visibility into inventory, ensuring accurate stock control and minimizing stockouts or overstock situations.

Point of Sale (POS)

Seamless sales transactions, barcode scanning, product lookups, and customer data management. Real-time updates of stock levels and sales data. Send estimates, invoices to your customers digitally, capture digital signatures.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Manage customer data, profiles, and interactions. Track customer's purchase history, preferences, and service requests. Personalize customer interactions with targeted marketing campaigns and supports after-sales service. Serial number data is linked to customer profiles which helps in quick identification of appliances and their associated warranties during customer support interactions.

Supplier and Purchase Management

Manage suppliers, purchase orders, and purchase invoices. Track supplier information, manage procurement processes, automate purchase order creation, and streamline accounts payable.

Comprehensive Delivery and Shipping

Calendar based delivery management, schedule customer pick-ups, digital signature and picture capture, UPS and Ship engine integration, print shipping labels. Picking and packing with pick lists and schedules from multiple warehouses for a single order.

Mobile and Barcode Scanning

Support mobile devices and barcode scanning capabilities to streamline serial number capture, verification, and tracking.

Reporting and Analytics

Run reports on appliance inventory based on serial numbers, including stock levels, sales history, and warranty status. Check your popular models, warranty claims, and service trends to support data-driven decision-making. These reports include information on inventory levels, product performance, sales patterns, warranty claims, and service history.

Manage your Serialized Inventory

Serial number management which enables efficient tracking, warranty management, and service handling

Product Catalog Management

Centralized system to manage the appliance store's product catalog. Create, organize, and update product information, including specifications, pricing, promotions, and images.

Serial Number Assignment

Assign unique serial numbers to each appliance in your inventory. Add serial numbers with scanning, manual entry, bulk upload, or automatic generation of serial numbers.

Serial Number Tracking

Track the movement of appliances with their respective serial numbers throughout the supply chain, from purchase to sale. Capture key information such as date of purchase, supplier/vendor details, and location.

Warranty Management

Link appliances to their warranty information using their serial numbers. AltheaSuite will automatically calculate, and display warranty expiration dates based on the date of purchase, delivery or assign custom warranty periods.

Service and Repair Tracking

Track your service and repair requests for serialized inventory. Maintain a comprehensive service history for each appliance, including dates, repair details, and technician notes. Streamline the process of managing service requests and tracking the status of repairs.

Calendar Interface to Schedule Services

Manage service and repairs. Track service requests, schedule appointments, allocate technicians, and manage spare parts inventory. Create trips for your service technicians, integrated with google APIs, Calendar based service management, schedule services, digital signature and picture capture.

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