CBD & Hemp
Manufacturers Solution

Complete CBD & Hemp Manufacturing and Inventory Management Solution


Centralize and manage your
raw and finished inventory

Make-to-order • or • make-to-stock.

Automatically reduce materials and components.

Know your true costs.

Keep track of sellable inventory.

Sell your products.


Real-Time Inventory Management

Adjust your inventory in Real-Time. Create various custom fields that allow multiple views of the same catalog with robust searching capabilities. Any Windows/Apple/Android/iOS based handheld device can be used to manage stock.

Work Orders

Create work orders for make-to-order or make-to-stock production. Schedule these work orders on the calendar. Work orders can be pulled and processed by employees. Complete production and adjust inventory in real-time.

Step-by-Step Process Definitions

Follow a Manufacturing request by predefined manufacturing processes. Setup production with repeatable processes. Easily coordinate the materials you need for production and schedule your operations to ensure on-time delivery.

Schedule on the Calendar

Intuitive calendar-based dashboard with drag and drop interface. Customize the calendar to view your upcoming appointments in a day, week, and month view. Check the appointments of a particular employee or equipment.

Multi-Level & Single-Level BOMs

Specify a multi-level bill of material for the items you manufacture. Create multi-level manufacturing documents that will manage your finished products, assemblies, and raw material stock appropriately.

Customized Sales & POs

Easily create a quotation in under 20 seconds. Directly convert these quotes into sales orders without re-entering data and email it to your clients with a single click. Customize your document design and layout with your branding and logo.

Systemize with the best
CBD & Hemp Manufacturing software
built manage your entire business.

Easy to Use

Altheasuite Dashboard

Manufacture and sell your finished product

BOM Assembly Materials

Customer Management

Client Appointement Sales History

Real-Time Reports

Custom Reports Screen