Cloud-based software for consumer electronics
store and appliances stores

Manage products, define multi-level BOMs, serial numbers, manage orders, execute manufacturing

Key Features of AltheaSuite for consumer electronics store and appliances stores

Inventory Management
Order Management
Bill of Materials (BOM)
Serial Numbers
Repair & Service
Barcode printing & Scan
BI & Analytics
Accounting & Finance
Delivery Management

Seamless integrations with your business essentials

Integrated Manufacturing Software for Business Growth

A Cloud-based solution that will work anywhere, on any device

Single Solution for your Business
  • AltheaSuite’s inventory tracking software offers a comprehensive solution to all your inventory management needs.
  • Our flexible, scalable, and intuitive software lets you run your business anytime and anywhere you like.
  • You can grow your business, replenish inventory, track sales, and make data-driven decisions through your smartphone!
  • Control every aspect of your inventory through our cloud-based management software.
  • Scale your businesses through robust decision-making and better inventory control.
Inventory Management
  • AltheaSuite’s custom inventory management software lets you track your mobile inventory in real-time.
  • Create customized dashboards on our intuitive software to view similar products.
  • Efficient and seamless categorization of similar products.
  • Track and trace your inventory through a user-friendly search portal.
  • Integrate manual spreadsheets and automate the inventory management process.
  • AltheaSuite’s warehouse management software provides real-time updates for multiple warehouses.
  • You can track all your inventory stored in multiple warehouses from your smartphone.
  • You can ensure a swift transfer of stock between multiple warehouses.
  • Assign product locations to keep a check on inventory levels in multiple warehouses.
  • Get stock value estimates from your warehouses.
Inventory Flow
  • AltheaSuite’s inventory management software ensures a swift and seamless inventory flow.
  • Track all the sectors of your business, including wholesale and distribution.
  • Stay on top of inventory as it passes through the manufacturing and wholesale.
  • Optimize the supply chain process by finding discrepancies through the software.
  • Assign barcodes to products.
  • AltheaSuite’s inventory management software makes the entire raw material and stock ordering process easy.
  • Re-order stock or raw materials immediately to ensure the smooth running of your business operations.
  • Pick and choose the best suppliers to ensure product quality.
  • It helps you maintain an open line of communication with your suppliers through automated emails and alerts.
  • Keep track of your past purchases and identify areas for cost-cutting to boost profitability.
  • AltheaSuite’s all-inclusive inventory software offers omnichannel payment integration, which lets you sell your products on different platforms.
  • You can create customized dashboards that let you track payments to suppliers.
  • Prompt alerts on pending payments ensure healthy relationships with suppliers.
  • Track and trace payments against orders to ensure accurate transactions.
  • Detailed payment reports indicating outgoings that help maintain a positive cash flow.
Serial Numbers
  • You can use AltheaSuite’s intuitive software to assign serial numbers to your electronic products.
  • These serial numbers will help track and trace products throughout the supply chain.
  • You can promptly identify and recall any faulty item in the production line through a serial number.
  • Identify items that are running out and re-order instantaneously.
Barcode Stickers
  • AltheaSuite inventory management software allows you to be creative with your products and print custom barcodes for your electronic items.
  • Assign stickers of different shapes and sizes to differentiate between product lines.
  • Compatible with any laser printer used for barcode printing.
  • AltheaSuite’s custom software solutions provide an intuitive CRM where you can store critical customer data and their purchase preferences.
  • It provides you with real-time information that can be used to alter marketing campaigns for maximum ROI.
  • Create schemes and promotions for loyal customers for maximum retainment.
  • Get detailed reports of the number of customers, their product preferences, and more.
Reorder Levels
  • AltheaSuite automates the stock re-ordering process by setting order levels.
  • Once the product hits a certain level, the software will alert you and let you re-order immediately.
  • Ensures seamless order placement where you can pick and choose the suppliers and vendors of your liking.
  • Ensures seamless order placement where you can pick and choose the suppliers and vendors of your liking.
Lot Number Management
  • AltheaSuite’s inventory tracking software allows you to assign lot numbers if creating electronic products in batches.
  • It helps you track each batch of goods in your inventory and manage key dates in the supply chain process.
  • You can get detailed reports through your smartphone to understand your stock levels and make data-driven decisions.
Point of Sale
  • AltheaSuite’s all-inclusive software ensures seamless POS integration.
  • Business can accurately track their stock and sales levels.
  • Omnichannel payment acceptance ensures accurate calculation of sales value and product numbers.
  • Track and trace sales through different cash registers to track employee performance.
  • Swift, secure and easy cash handling process.
  • AltheaSuite’s premium software lets you adhere to local tax rules and laws.
  • Create custom rules following the regulations to accurately calculate taxes applied on every product sold.
  • Pay your taxes on time to ensure compliance.
  • Automatic and accurate calculation of taxes eases the whole financial and tax reporting process.
  • AltheaSuite software assists in the product shipping process.
  • It offers integration with ShipStation that lets you optimize the shipping process by checking different schedules and shipping rates.
  • Ship your products through FedEx, USP, USPS, and more.
Quick-Books Integration
  • AltheaSuite’s inventory management software integrates significantly with financial and accounting software such as QuickBooks.
  • Use the web version or install QuickBooks desktop to seamlessly handle your accounting and finances.
  • Integrate customer data, vendor information, sales, returns, and more.
Financial Accounting
  • AltheaSuite can help streamline the financial accounting process through QuickBooks integration.
  • Your finance team can generate customized reports that let you make data-driven decisions.
  • Record expenses and revenues accurately and comply with the reporting rules and regulations.
  • Balance sheets and P&L are provided to your smartphone.
Employee Management
  • Keep track of employee performance by individual sales tracking.
  • Integration of attendance systems to ensure prompt and accurate wage payments.
  • Track commissions and performance-related bonuses through POS integration.
  • AltheaSuite’s inventory management software can generate customized reports providing a holistic view of your business.
  • Generate P&L for different sectors of your business to identify products generating the most revenue and profits.

Streamline the Process of Capturing Serial Number Data

Serialized Inventory

With AltheaSuite inventory management software, you can track serial numbers on both the receiving and the selling sides of your business.

Serial Number Scanning

Use your iPhone/Android Phone/iPad/Tablets as a scanner. On scanning the serial number the item gets added and the serial number is auto-selected for invoicing.

Trace a serial number

Get detailed history of each Inventory Item- when it was received, who is the supplier, what is the PO/ GRN Number, which customer bought it, when it was bought, what is the S/O, and Invoice Number

Generate your own Serial Numbers

Generate serial numbers for manufactured finished product or sub-assemblies. Supports numeric and alphanumeric serials numbers.

Print Serial Numbers

Print any of the serial numbers that have been defined in the system. Print stickers on zebra printer, brother printer, or any model laser printer.

Flexible Report Printing

Warranty reports can be printed to show Serial Number and Warranty information by Customer, Vendor, Serial Number or Product code. Both sold and unsold items and their serial numbers can be printed.

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